Sunday, April 18, 2004

The rain

I have been watching the rain today. It is a welcome change from the snow. I love the snow when it is fresh and untouched. It blanks the ground in pristine white, and the frost covers the trees so thick they look like giant crystals. I love those days, however the wind has to start blowing threatening to rip the roof off the house, and then winter becomes depressing as the snow blows away and the dirt covers everything. Then spring arrives and the rain seems to wash everything clean again. It is a cold rain, to cold to run in like I so much want to do. That is something me and the boys do a lot later in the spring when it is a little warmer, we take off our shoes and socks and run in the rain until we are soaked to the bone. We jump in puddles, and splash. I think everyone should play in the rain, and splash like children it is one of the things that keeps up young.

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