Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama,

The oil field has provided for my family for generations. I am oil field trash and damn proud of it. Most people in my little state make a living from natural resources, gas, oil, and coal. We here in Wyoming have not suffered as badly as most of the nation from this recession, but you seem determined to make that happen. You are not satisfied with half the country living in their cars so you want to make sure we are all in the same back seat. When you start messing with oil companies imposing higher taxes, and taking away their tax breaks, those companies begin laying off workers, those workers then quit spending money at other businesses causing them to make cut backs and in the end no one is working. You have an agenda alright an agenda that will not create jobs, but make the working class people of my great state dependent on government handouts. We are not a socialist regime, this is America, and you dear sir are not the dictator. You are only the president, and you are suppose to be working for the people, but taking jobs away from the American people is not working for us. You need to think long and hard about the working class people instead of seeing only big business as a way to bail out this country. I do not believe that you have even thought that far ahead. Oil companies employ a great deal of Americans, especially in states like Wyoming. The oil companies have provided for me and my family for 3 generations.

My grandfather retired from an oil company, my father has worked oil field and mining jobs his entire life, and my husband puts food on our table working in the oil field. We are just one of many families who you intend to screw by taking jobs away. I understand that the economy needs a boost. I understand that the value of a dollar is not what it should be. I understand that you are looking for ways to get this country out of debt, but what price are you willing to make us the very people you are suppose to serve pay. There are several things that can be done before taking away more jobs.

I think the very first cut backs to be made should start right there on the hill with pay cuts for you and every congress member and house member, then move on down the line to welfare. Welfare in this country has become a way of life and a drain on our resources, and it was never intended to be that. I have a problem with paying my fair share of taxes when the welfare people down the block have paid nothing, taken everything, and still end up with a bigger tax refund than me. We could save billions right there, and jobs as well. So until you are willing to take a pay cut don't ask the working class people of America to give up their jobs, because that is what will happen when you try to make big business pay.

Jennifer Schall
Wyoming Oil Field Trash