Friday, January 04, 2008

Ahhh another year!

My boobs sag closer to my belly button and my ass lacks the firmness it once had and as if I needed farther reminders that another year has gone by I just finished filling 4 huge bags full of clothes that no longer fit my children. Time passes so quickly I can hardly keep up. I don't know why I try to keep up anymore I think that if I just sat back and watched the hours tick away I'd be less stressed and more at ease with life, but damn if I know how to sit still that long.

We had an awesome Christmas and the break has been fun we are off until the 9th so we still have a few more days. Tomorrow we are going snowboarding. I will not be strapping a board of death to my feet however. I am just not that brave and it's been almost 20 years since I have even skied. I think I can remember how to do that, and well if you don't ever hear from me again you will know it didn't go so well.

I actually read 4 books over the break and am working on a 5th, probably the reason this post is so incoherent huh! No not really that kind of 5th actually it would be book number 5. Cameron gave me His Dark Materials for Christmas and I read that, well it's actually 3 books in one so that really puts me at 7 working on the 8th. So between reading and playing rock band the break is going by to fast.

Rock Band is awesome, and I am a rock goddess, well unless I'm the drummer and then well I just freaking suck. I am the only one in the house who can read the words of the songs fast enough to sing them and more often than not I get stuck being the singer in our little house band, which as long as it's only the kids and Steve I don't mind, but no matter how awesome the game says I am I really don't see life as a rock star in my future.

David has a tourney next weekend and then we are on the road for Cam the weekend after that.

Well that's all the news here. Hope the New Year is fabulous for all 4 of you that still check up on me.