Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Messed up world!

I can't believe how crazy the world has gotten. Men killing their wives and children, seem to be the big focus lately. I don't see how your life can be that messed up that you have to kill someone over it. I just don't get it. Oh sure there have been times I've thought "Good lord if my husband gets any stupider I may hit him over the head!", but it's a passing thought I am never really going to harm him physically in anyway no matter how mad he has made me. There have been times when I have threatened the boys. "If you don't straighten up I am going to beat you to death." I don't mean those words and they know it. They know that I am not going to beat them at all much less to death. They are just words used to put emphasis on the fact that I have had enough of whatever they are doing and they better stop. I just don't understand it I guess, but more importantly I don't think I am as affected by all these news stories as I once was.

It's so common anymore for someone to go off half cocked and drowned 5 children in the bathtub, or kill their girlfriend/wife and their unborn child that I think I have become more numb to this kind of news. Oh sure I still feel sad, but it isn't the same kind of sad that it once was. I am bothered by that, it disturbs me that these kinds of things are so common I can have a passing feeling of "Oh that is awful" and go on about my day without giving it another thought. I think most of America feels the same.

I was watching Critical hour or one of those trauma center shows and a group of 3rd graders, the same age as my oldest, were taking a tour of ER. I can't remember what city they were in, but when the lady guiding the tour asked these 8 and 9 year old children "What kinds of things will get you to the trauma center?" all the kids raised their hands. She called on one child and his answered floored me "Getting shot", and 3/4 of the hands went down. It's an everyday thing where they come from, and no one was horrified by it or concerned. Things like that just happen all the time so it's almost as if they expect it, they have become numb to the number of shooting in their city. If you asked my boys their answers would differ greatly, they would have said "cracking your head open, breaking your arm, or getting sick on the weekend when the dr. office isn't open." All kids should be able to have those kinds of answers for why you go to the ER.

We should all be horrified that some pro wrestler killed his wife and son and then himself, we should be terrified that some kid went on a shooting spree in Virginia, that a police officer killed his girlfriend and unborn daughter and then left a traumatized 2 year old home alone. We should feel great sadness that a man killed his wife and 3 children and then attempted to attend their funeral. These things should shock us, make us feel something other than a brief sadness, but it's happening so much that we almost expect to read about it. I wish I knew how to be shocked and terrified by this stuff, and I don't want to except that this is just the way things are. I wish I knew how to change it to make it not acceptable, but I don't and that is maybe more scary than what is happening the fact that we can so easily over look this stuff.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wow where does the time go?

I looked at the last post and it's been forever since I've written anything here. I just have not had anything to say I guess. I'm enjoying life outside this box to much to force myself to actually sit in front of it long enough to write a decent post. However today I have been thrown for a loop. The boys are at my mom's and Steve is out of town so it's just me all by my little ole self. I can't believe we are almost at the end of June already. This summer break is going to be short this year.

Really I have not been doing all that much, just spending time with my kids and Steve. He had surgery on his zamaroids, so Colton can now be in the same room with him and not have to worry about getting them! Well that really isn't the case. Once they got in there they found out something I have always known about my darling husband, he's a tight ass! No really the Dr. could only do minor work on him, because he has "a very narrow anal canal" and if they did to much surgery it would create to much scar tissure and he wouldn't function properly! So that has been the source of a lot of entertainment for me. My husband is water tight like a duck. HEEEHEEE! Ok it's only good natured teasing and he takes it very well, because he loves me.

What else? Lets see I wrecked his truck the last week of school, didn't really leave a mark on it, but I was turning and a little truck was pulling out behind a big jacked up truck and he didn't get into the lane of traffic he just stayed by the curb and I hit him, because well I didn't see him at all, and he didn't see me either. Who the hell drives in the gutter anyway? Stupid kid! I think it was more his fault than mine, but luckily there was little damage to either vehicle because we were both going so slow at the point of impact.

Other than that it's all be pretty unexciting around here. The diet is going crappy I've stalled at 61 lbs. I still have about 56 pounds to lose and I don't know if that is ever going to happen! Well I know it's not going to happen if I keep sitting here! I better get up and get busy!