Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time seems to be a problem.

Well I can't believe it's been so damn long since I blogged. I just don't seem to have the time to sit here and write anything. I just cleaned out my drafts and I had about 30 drafts all about a sentence long.

Let's see what has been going on? Hockey lots of hockey. Sick kids lots of sick kids, we have not been sick like this ever. We have spent a small fortune at the Dr. office this year already. Strep throat, ear infections, the crop, colds, and now D has missed the last 3 days of school with the sick stomach flu. I've never seen him lay around so much. He didn't even care he missed his last 2 hockey practices. Usually he pretends to be fine just so he doesn't miss hockey.

Now I'm just trying to get ready for Christmas, because it's coming way to fast and I have not gotten one gift, not even for my family that is out of town like my sister who's gifts have to be mailed before December 22 to make it on time. I was going to take a personal day so that I could go shopping without the kids, but that is out of the question now that I have missed 2 days of work staying home with David. Hopefully the other 2 don't get this crap! So far they have not shared any of their illnesses which is even weirder, and this is the first time D man has gotten sick. Colton didn't even give the strep to anyone else, so maybe I'll get lucky and this will be the end of the ickyness in our house. There are only 15 days until Christmas break, so maybe just maybe we can get back to school tomorrow and stay there until after the new year. Well I've got to go wash somemore blankets that got puked on.