Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time passes so quickly.

I don't know where the hours seem to go. I'm not overly busy doing anything of importance, but yet finding the time to sit down in front of this little box and actually write seems so bothersome. I have been enjoying the sunshine and the outside world far to much, sleeping in far to late and trying to avoid anything that tastes good. The latter seems to be my only downfall, it's really hard to avoid such summer treats as ice cream and cotton candy at the fair, but I have managed to lose a whole 6 pounds this month. I could have probably eaten a whole bag of cotten candy at the fair and it wouldn't have done me in.

We left the house at 6 pm and after the first ride the Dman said "I'm not leaving til they cut this wrist band off!" He was pretty much telling the truth he rode every ride at the carnival at least twice, some of them more, and it was long after midnight before we got home. They had an awesome time, but they wore me out I bet I walked 12 miles that night!

This friday I am taking them to mom's for Wright days a big celebration they have there every year. They boys have gone since they were tiny and I'll come home friday night and they will stay til sunday. Hopefully Steve will be home this weekend, but I doubt it, seems like every time we can have a kid free run naked through the house and have living room sex weekend he ends up working, not to meantion that I'm getting old and living room sex just isn't all that great!

The following friday we are leaving to Grand Junction to see my grandparents! I am so excited to be going! I miss them something awful and wish that they were closer so that I could go whenever I wanted to.

I've been walking about 2 miles a day or I should say a night. I hate walking when it's hot and there are lots of people out and about to see me waddling around. I can't wait until this weight all comes off. In the time I started blogging I had gained 70 pounds! That is horrid and I am so ashamed of myself. I'm just glad I got out of that depressed little sit in front of the computer and do nothing stage I seemed to be in. I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm getting there. I'm tried of feeling sad and depressed and worthless all the damn time, and I'm the only one who can change that, all the pills in the world won't fix it you just have to get up and do it or the darkness closes in on you and you feel like giving up.

Ok lets see the boys are getting way to freaking big for their own good. D is only about a foot shorter than me, and I'm not exactly short either I am 5'9". We measured him the other day and he is a little over 4'9", and out growning clothes like you would not believe. He is wearing a size 14 jeans the size 12 look like those short pants women wear hitting him at midcalf. I wish they made clothes that actually fit children. The waist is way to loose or the legs are to long! NOthing every fits him properly. He has this thing where he starts looking like he's putting on weight and Steve told him about a month ago "you need to get out and play more bud your getting fat." Now he has grown about 3 inches and has that flat stomach again. I told his dad he was just jealous that he coudln't put on 10 pounds and make things get bigger!

The other 2 are doing well also, but it's late and I'm tried so I will have to save them for another day!