Wednesday, May 09, 2007

21 days and counting

There are 21 school days left in this year. I always get excited for the school year to end. The boys start getting restless about the same time the days start getting longer, makes me hate that stupid time change and this last month is always the hardest. I noticed that it isn't just mine there are 300 kids at my school that are the same way.

Today Colton told me that the ladies in his office are not nearly as pretty as the ladies in my office. He loves the girls in our office. Last night D said something that I didn't really like (can't remember what it was probably about tatooes or pircings or growing his hair down to his butt). I told him when he's 18 and moves out he can do whatever he wants to which Colton replied "When I'm 22 I'm gonna have a girlfriend and I'm still coming home!" He says the funniest things sometimes.

He told his dad yesterday "I don't know if I can be by you with those zamaroids falling out your butt all over the place." Yes Steve has to have the zamaroids removed next week.

Well I'm tired and going to go make dinner.