Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Well I have sat quietly and taken time to raise the boys and have a job and all that. In my absents the world has been changing. I think it is time to start talking again or writing cause that is what I do here.

Let us catch up shall we,  the boys are 14, 12, and 11 now. They are amazing. At times I would like to choke them, this teenage attitude the oldest 2 have may be my demise, but I am hanging in there.   Someday are better than others.  We don't play hockey anymore as it just takes up to much time and D was having a hard time trying to play and do school.  It had to come down to one or the other and for legal reason we had to choose school.  He snowboards now, which is actually a whole lot cheaper than hockey.  I did not know we had a lot of money until we quit hockey.  I assumed we were poor, because our checking account said we were.  We can actually afford lots of stuff now.  Steve even got a new truck.  Cam loves sports and plays football and basketball, well except this year.  He broke 3 fingers and they wouldn't let him play.  He was bummed, but now he wants to learn to ski.  He tried snowboarding and didn't like it at all.  Chunk is a little geek.  He loves technology of any kind.  They have all left me and moved on to middle school.  Well enough about that.    

It doesn't seem like it's been 4 years since I have posted anything at all, but it has been.  I think the same reasons brought me here then that are drawing me back again this time.  I tend not to agree with the current regime in Washington and I'm not sure America can survive another 4 years... Anyone who has read my past blog posts know that I am a little bit opinionated especially when it comes to the government.  I need an outlet, a place to yell and scream, and this is my chosen forum.  So I will try to write everyday about something, not necessary political, but it seems that is what keeps me up at night.  When your 14 year old wants to know when the civil war is going to start it tends to always stay in the back of your mind.  I hope that day never comes, but with all the gun control talk I fear the worst.  I know we won't be giving up ours without a fight.