Monday, May 31, 2004

Savannah's Smile

Angie has a beautiful niece, Savannah that is in need of a liver transplant. You can read all about this little girl and the struggles her family has been through, at both angies page and then check out Savannah's page. This little girl will captature your heart. I know she will be in my thoughts and prayer's and I am asking you to keep her in yours as well. There is a donation link on Savannah's page as well, so please do what you can to help this family. It is a very expensive operation, but one that will save her life.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Pre school is over for the summer yeah.

No more getting up early, hunting shoes, speeding to school in my pj's yipppeeee. My middle one has finished pre school for the year. When the teacher asked him his favorite thing about school, he said it was play dough, figures all the other kids stated things like the reading center, learning the ABC's, but not mine. The learning stuff was just no fun at all lets get to the playing stuff, that is what school should be all about more play time. For some reason I can see him starting a protest against all that learning stuff, after all he knows everything a 4 year old needs to know to get by in life. He knows how to knock the crap out of his older brother, he knows how to use the microwave, he knows how to lay a guilt trip on mom, what the heck good are ABC's when you have life figured out. Actually he is my little smarty pants, he absorbs information, and stores it for later use. He likes learning new things, but I don't allow play dough to be used in my house anymore. The dogs eat it, it get stuck in the carpet, it is just a mess.

On a side note: I went and bought Lord of the Rings, return of the king. Oh my god I don't think I was ever as turned on in my whole life by a movie kisses. I longed to be Arowen sp? at that moment where Aragon grabs her and kisses her. I wonder if Viggo can really kiss like that in life? Aragon was a turn on through all 3 movies anyway, but the last one, his confidence, the way he commander respect, and that damn kiss. Good god why did Steve have to be out of town!
Jack has a wonderful idea how we can all honor our service men and women who have died in the line of duty. It goes something like this research a deceased soldier, find out everything you can about them, and then write a letter to their family. Not one of those sorry for your lose, but your son/daughter died an honorable death type letter, a heart felt I will always remember them. Just check out Jack's blog, even if it is not something you want to do you will be highly entertained by his writing, he tells a story really well.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Well I was busy all day, and then I have developed such a headache I can't even think so I will caught everyones blogs tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great day. I am off to bed at 6.30 at night, don't know if the boys are going to stay put though.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

what happened to the world wide web?

I was talking with a friend last night and neither of us could get some of our links to work. So I got to looking and I noticed that if you take the www. out of them they work just fine. What happened to the www.? So if you have links with www. and they are not working that is why. I know I am not the only idiot out there so I thought I would share my info.

Why did I ever have kid?

I was in the kitchen this morning making breakfast so I could send these little angels off to school with a full belly, because I thought that was what a good mom did. While I am in the kitchen there is far to much silence going on in the other room. I go to investigate and sure enough, they are into everything. The oldest and the middle one were in the bathroom, making shaving cream pictures all over the walls. I am suppose to get caught up on my volunteer time at the school, and we have about 20 minutes to get everyone ready, and now they have created their master pieces in 6 inches of eye watering, choke to death on the smell shaving cream. The rich lather was all over them, the walls, the floor, the mirrors, and the ceiling. I suppose it could have been worse being that they had only been alone for about 3 minutes, just think what they could have done in a whole 5 minutes. Needless to say I did not even go to school to get some time in, so the middle one will probably not get to go next year, but that is ok, because I am shipping him off to live with his granny and his brother to live with his aunt. I can call and check up on them when I feel like it, and maybe just maybe I will go and visit them once a year.

Monday, May 24, 2004

This is my oldest 1 hockey game. Posted by Hello

He is in the red jersey.

All the stuff you can find.

this is an audio post - click to play

After I found audio blog, and called the number, I had no idea what I was going to say so this is really pretty lame. I don't know if I will ever use it again, but it was free.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Playing caught up.

Well I figured out the computer problems and they are now fixed. It all had to do with the earlier crash.

We had a good weekend around here. The oldest had a kindergarten sleep over. He has never slept over anywhere, because his mother is a nut job who is sure he will get lost or worse if I let him out of my site for that long. So Friday I take him to the school where they are all staying. He hugs me, and I sadly ask, "Are you going to walk me to the door?" He looks at me like I have lost my mind, and points to the door saying "It's right there." There was no goodbyes or see you in the morning just hit the road mom I have things to do.

The middle one was broken hearted because he didn't get to go to the sleep over, so he had to go spend the weekend with his granny. Grandpa had to work nights so him and granny had their sleep over. He would move in with her if she would let him. He gets on the phone with me and tells me, " I am not coming home until 10 and 100 days." He is funny like that it is never 110 or 125 he separates them. He told his granny he has 2 aunt Jo's one that lives far away and one that lives in the phone, and if she would just drive him to aunt Jo's house she wouldn't have to live in the phone anymore.

The baby had a sleep over with me and Steve. He kept telling me he just "missed his guys". I got him some chocolate cake and that make him happy. Then he told his dad to just sleep in his room, because "me and mom are having a sleep over." We finally talked him into letting dad come to the sleep over too.

The oldest got home from his sleep over and we had to watch Miracle 3 times Saturday. It is a great movie, so I wasn't really tired of it at that point. Then we met mom half way between her house, which is about 90 mile from here, and picked up the middle one. When we got home we watched Miracle again twice, so now I am a little tired of it.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Oh Saturday was our anniversary, and Steve got me a new lawn mower, what a guy!

My computer is screwed.

I don't know what is wrong with my computer. Everytime I click on something I have bookmark I have to refresh the page. I figured this out last night. I was browsing through the blogs I read, and no one had updated since like Wednesday, I thought this is crazy I know people are updating. So now I have to caught up on everyone's news. It is just the blogs that are not refreshing, the newspaper, and some other things are fine. I will have to figure out this little problem. So if you have not seen my commenting it is because I thought you were not writing.

Friday, May 21, 2004

So much for a night by myself.

Well Steve showed up about 10 last night. I can't get a moments peace, sometimes I think I need an apartment so I could just go there and be with me, because lets face it I don't like anyone nearly as much as I like myself.

I got my oldest all signed up for his hockey camp. He loves hockey, and the season ended in April for him. He told me the other night, "Mom I just miss playing hockey so much." He is getting hockey camp for his birthday. I told him it was that or toys, you know the child loves hockey when he picks it over toys. He asked me for his very own hockey rink so he can play everyday. I wish I could build him his own rink. I told him if I win the Power ball I will build him a rink, so now I have to let him check the numbers after every draw. He is sure we will one day have the winner and he can have his rink.
Him and I were talking the other day about what he wants to be when he grows up. He told me he is going to play hockey. Then he asked me if they make good money. I told him they did. "Oh man that is so cool, they will give me money to play hockey, and I don't even have to get a job. I bet that I can get on the avs team when I am like 10." So there goes my dream of him going to college, he has dreams of becoming the youngest professional hockey player in the history of the sport.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Drizzle, Drizzle

The rain is falling in buckets, I am out of cigarettes, and Steve is gone.

I do enjoy the rain it makes everything so green, but it also means the boys are inside. It gets hard to entertain them when they are inside all the time. There are only so many things you can do inside when your a boy, who requires lots of space to run free. They tend to get like caged animals after a few hours, Pacing and snapping at everyone who walks by. Steve is gone today, not sure when he will be back. I needed a break from him. He has been home to much lately and is getting on my nerves. It is probably a good thing he works out of town a lot, because after about a week I start inventing ways to make him suffer because he is breathing my air. It isn't Steve I really have a problem with, I love him very much. It is men in general, they are annoying when you have to spend time with them day in and day out. Steve annoys me less then a lot of the ones from my past though so I guess that is why I married him. I shouldn't say mean things about him, he is wonderful really, and treats me like I am a princess. I am just hard to please I guess. I suppose that old saying husbands should be seen and not heard applies to me, oh that is kids huh.

Oh my back is feeling a lot better today. I laid on frozen peas all day yesterday, yes I said peas as in the veggies that come in pods. We keep them in the freezer in place of ice packs because they work so much better. Thanks to all for your well wishes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Kids will break you.

For those of you that are parents you know we are always telling our kids "don't touch that you will break it." Well from now on we are going to have a "don't touch mom, you will break her rule."
I don't know how they did it, but we were playing last night and today I can't move. They have messes up my lower back. I screwed it up at hunting camp a few years ago, and now I am broken again. It is really fun, I keep getting these shooting pains down my leg that feel like someone is poking me with a cattle prod, not that I really know what it is like to be poked with one, but I am pretty sure it would feel something like this. What is strange is my brain and my leg don't seem to be working together anymore either I know how to walk I have been doing it for over 30 years, but I can't seem to get that leg high enough off the ground to go anywhere. Then there is feeling like someone is trying to pry my hip out of its joint. I thought it would go away by now, I had hopes anyway. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


The other night all the kids were in bed sleeping, and Steve and I went to bed at the same time, and well one thing lead to another, and we did what married people really don't do that often. I would be more specific, but you never know who is reading. We were close and cuddly and all of a sudden we here, "DAD, DAD...DAD..DAD," coming from the room across the hall.
"What?" Steve responds.
"Dad, would wake mom up I think she is having a bad dream."
I started laughing so hard I was snorting, and Steve was laughing trying to tell the oldest he would do his best to keep me quiet.
I didn't even know I was being loud, but I guess I have always been loud at least that is what Steve says. Next time I will put a pillow over my head.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Sleep eludes me.

I often wonder what it would be like to get in bed, fall asleep, and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I don't sleep well, never have. I go to bed and lay there wishing for that blissful feeling to over come me. I have tried relaxation tapes, counting sheep, noise, no noise, exercise, pills, you name it I have tried it in hopes of finding that dream world that so often escapes me. I can sit at my desk late at night and my eyelids are so heavy they threaten to close any minute, but I crawl into my bed, snuggle in, close my eyes and wait and wait and wait. When I finally do fall asleep I usually sleep fairly well, but there is never enough of that sleep to get me through the day. The sleep I do get is more like an afternoon nap, not a good nights rest. Maybe one day I will learn to sleep, and my days will be more productive, because I won't be tired all day.

Friday, May 14, 2004

My boys!

We went to Wendy's for dinner tonight, and we were discussing what we were all going to have. I told them we were going to have cat eyes for dinner. They all laughed and told me I was gross. Then the oldest said we would have snot burgers, and my middle one informed us that he didn't have enough snot for everyone, so we would have to get our own.

We had a big accident yesterday, besides the computer. The baby was sitting in a chair, writing on a piece of paper and the middle one pushed the chair over. The baby fell right on the pen and it stuck right under the corner of his eye. My brave little man didn't even cry, he looks at me and says "momma that hurts". I grabbed him up and you could see a big whole where the pen went in. It didn't bleed right away, so I was looking it over and you could see the bone there. I got a cloth and cleaned it up and then I got my liquid bandage out and glued him back together. He is fine now, but it scared me so bad. If it would have been another half an inch higher it would have went right into his eye.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Computers suck.

Well ok it is the user. I am giving free advice tonight. Do not play around in your registry files, they are there for a reason. I do this about once a month, and normally I pay attention to what I am deleting. Well I deleted a bunch of stuff I need to make windows run properly. So I had to re install my whole flipping operating system, because I couldn't even log on. I lost everything I had, why because I did not pay attention to what I was doing. Yes I could have re booted from my disk, but when it asked me do you want to reinstall click enter or recover click r. Now those words are pretty straight forward, any moran would have hit r, no not me I hit enter, got up went to put the boys in bed, came back and there my computer was reinstalling windows. The good news is my whole system got a good clean up, and it is like I got a brand new computer to start all over with. Thank god there was nothing I really needed on my system. I back up all the important stuff, and it is a good thing my blog is stored on blogger, oh my god I would have had a heart attack! Hope everyone had a better evening than I did.

Alien Babies, Demons on the loose, what next?

The world is full of strange things I find it hard to understand why people make up even weirder stuff. I was reading our newspaper and I guess there is a demon running loose in my town. The weekly world new, reported seeing it, which I find funny as they are a Florida based tabloid. Last year about this time it was an alien baby, reported by the same tabloid. I live just a few miles from where the demon was spotted running down the road with a "will work for food" sign and a 12 pack of beer. Which makes sense you know when those demons escape from hell that is usually the first thing they do, try to get money to buy beer, although my sister doesn't buy it. She says no self respecting Demon would be buying beer, they would be buying wiskey. I have yet to actually see the demon, but I will keep a sharp eye out for him, as I have a few question I would like to ask him. I am sure I will run into him before to long, as Casper is a small city, and eventually everyone holding a will work for food sign ends up in the walmart parking lot. If there is anything you want me to ask him when I do finally see him just let me know.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Oh my mis-spent youth!

I was channel surfing last night, and all of a sudden there he was, the object of my girlhood fantasies, taking me back to years gone by. My heart still skipped just a little bit at the site of him, which really surprised me. I had not realized I had carried him into my adult life. I had not even thought about him in years, but there he was starring at me from the TV screen. I felt like a teenager again. I remember the posters of him plastered all over my bedroom walls, and dreams of one day coming face to face with this rock and roll god. He was my biggest crush, and he only existed in magazines and television. Isn't it funny what teenage girls do? I would never dream of plastering his image on my walls now. I don't have the same desire to meet him in person, and fall madly in love with each other, that was over 15 years ago. My taste in men has changed dramatically as well. I can't remember the last time I looked at a guy with hair longer than mine and thought he was good looking. I never knew how silly I was, until last night. I guess most teenage girls do the same things.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The last days.

I am counting down the days until school is out. There is less than a month until they are both home for the summer. We don't have to worry about schedules, or homework, or getting up earlier for 3 whole months. There will be no more rushing to get breakfast poked into a kid so they don't go to school Hungary. There will be no running around like an idiot trying to find shoes, no more hurrying out the door and speeding down the street trying to beat the school bell. Oh summer break, blessed summer break.

All that money!

Well if the fact that soldiers from all over the world are dyeing at the hands of Iraqi people isn't enough to make you want to pull out of there the COST sure should be. It is an eye opening fact of where the majority of our tax dollars are being spent.

Monday, May 10, 2004

What a pain.

Well since Blogger got some new looks I thought I would change a few things. It was a pain in the hind quarters really. So I really hope I like this new look, because I don't really think I am going to change it for awhile. I still have to find a few things I had before and get them back up.

On a very nice note, Ranger over at the lost blogs' home had very nice things to say about my blog. Thanks Ranger, always glad to have good things said about me.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

What a weekend.

I was busy all weekend. I planted a strawberry patch out front. I put in about 40 plants there. Then I planted 17 tomatoe plants out front. I have decided I need a rototiler, as tilling the soil by hand has make ever part of my body sore, and I still need to finish the back yard garden. We are planting tomatoes, cantolope, pepers, carrots, pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers in the back. I can hardly wait until it all starts producing veggies. I love fresh veggies, they are so much better then store bought ones. I am looking forward to fresh tomatoes for breakfast. I love the garden mostly because the boys are always in awe of it. They think it is so cool to put a seed in the ground and watch it grow into something they can eat. Hope everyone had a good mothers day. The boys took me out for lunch, and then we played outside all evening. It was a great day.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Dawn started it.

Ok I will get in the game.

Dawn started it and Randy kept it going. So I thought what the heck.

Ok you get to ask me 3 questions, about whatever you want and I will answer them as honestly as I can. You can ask anything I am always an open book anyway. Then you can do the same thing on your site so I can quiz you.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I want to be me.

I gave the 2 oldest hair cuts today. They think it is cool when I cut the top real short and they can kind of spike it up. They were both pleased with their new do, so the baby decided he would have a cut too. Everything was going well and he was being as still as a 3 year old can be. I got the top cut, then one side, then I went to the back. I turned this little child around and he looked at himself in the mirror, and big tears started falling from his eyes.
I asked him what was wrong, and he can hardly tell me he is sobbing so hard, but then it comes out.
"I dus wanna be me. Dat not me, I wanna be de weet baby."
"Honey it will be ok your still the sweet baby."
"NO dat not me. I wanna be me aden."
I finally got him settled down and assured him he was the sweet baby, and a hair cut wouldn't change that. Then he made me put water on his head so his hair would grow long again.
Next time I think I will take him to the barber.

My oldest two also came home with the marigolds they have been growing in class and gave them to me for Mother's day.
The oldest then asked me.
"is dad getting you a mother's day present?"
I told him I wasn't dad mom so dad shouldn't get me anything.
This sweet little angel, whom I love more than life informed me everyone should get me a present because "you are so awesome mom." He about made me cry.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

It's Alice!

"mom, mom, come here quick, there is a snake next door."
I go running out and sure enough the neighbors are all out in their back yard and they have a snake cornered behind a barrel.
The baby ran to the front door screaming "Alice, Alice!"
We all followed him and went to investigate.
Steve picked up a shovel to get it out from behind the barrel, and the neighbor rigged up a rope to put around it little head, all the while the baby cried "Don't hurt my Alice snake, daddy don't hurt my Alice snake."
They got the snake out from behind the barrel, and it turn out to be fairly harmless. It was a 4 foot bull snake, not venomous, but the darn things can will bite. The baby was so happy and thought we were going to bring it home with us, but I really just didn't want a big ole bull snake winding up in my bed. They loaded in a bucket and hauled it around the block and let it go at the river. The baby is not happy at all about the whole thing. He had found him an Alice, and then we wouldn't let him keep it. He is heartbroken.

Puppy Love.

My 4 year old come home from school yesterday, and handed me what would appear to the non parent as a glued together piece of paper with some scribbles on it. I promptly told him what a great job he had done. He looks at me and says "I didn't make that mom." I was a little confused at that point. Why was he giving me this if he didn't make it, so I asked him.
He told me, "One of the girls in my class made it for me, because she loves me." Well I can't help teasing my boys, probably because my dad teased us unmercifully. I had to ask if it was his girlfriend.
"No she is not my girlfriend, she just makes me stuff, because she loves me, and I made her some stuff because I love her. She plays monster with me."
"Well what is her name?"
"I don't remember, she just loves me, but don't tell dad."
Boy if love were that easy later in life we would all have it made.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

After debating long and hard all day on the demise of our country with Scott, who I would link to, but for some ungodly reason he doesn't post a homepage. Doesn't everyone have a homepage? I decided I needed to go outside and play with the boys. We went on a bug collecting spree. You can find the strangest things living in your back yard. I bet we have 100 centipedes out there, and they are huge. We found rollie pollies, there Justin, and stink bugs, and all kinds of interesting stuff for small boys. Thank god we didn't find any tree beetles, as I am terrified of them. That is strange I collected centipedes in a jar, they bite, and I am frightened of a beetle that doesn't bite. I am thinking we will go down by the river and get us some frogs the boys would love them, and maybe I can find the baby an Alice (snake) to look at, they should be coming out soon. Spring is always such a wonderful time, everything living come out in spring, especially if you know where to look.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Oh no more politics.

I got asked in my comments if I were for Bush for President. I now feel obligated to explain my position on both canadiates, so everyone that is not interested tune out now, this could be a long speil.

John Kerry was a Vietnam Vet, as was my father. When John Kerry returned from the war, he held what he title the winter soldier investigation. He interviewed 150 returning vets, all honorable discharged. In his investigation he claimed that our Americans were over there raping and torturing people, that is was an everyday occurrence, and pretty much every soldier was involved. He protested the war, and spit in the face of every American soldier who, by choice or not, fought in that war. He staged a protest in which soldiers threw there war metals away, and yet his still hang in his office. I could go on, but you get the picture. Basically if I trust in Kerry then I have to believe the worst about my father. I have to believe he was raping women, killing babies, and committing horrible acts of violence against the people he was there to protect. I am not saying bad things didn't happen, look at what is happening on the news right now with the Iraqi prisoners and American soldiers. It was war, and bad things happen. I am not condoning the fact that they happened because it was a war, it shouldn't have happened. What I am saying is that they were not an everyday occurrence, and not every soldier was involved. If Kerry's investigation had evidence to back it up, there was none, I may feel differently. Then in 1996, he covered up the fact that there were still living POW's in Vietnam. He did this so he could use those very men he severed with as pawns. He may need them in the future, so lets not uncover that fact that they exist, or there goes our bargaining chips. I believe that like most politicians he is in it to farther his means. In order for me to support Kerry for President, then I have to abandon ever patriotic view of America I have. I have to give up my ideals and morals. I believe that America should stand behind the men and women who protect and serve, and Kerry betrayed his fellow soldiers countless times. Do you want a president who is going to betray you?

Bush. What can I say about Bush. At least I know he is going to screw things up more. He has totally messed up the education system, the budget is never going to be balanced, and I could go on, but any educated American knows what he is about. I don't think he was wrong to kick ass on Iraq, Saddam was an evil man, and he should have been stopped in the first Bush administration, but wasn't. I do think he used Iraq to appease the American public after 911, you can't tell me you didn't want a little revenge after they screwed with us. I think the whole government thought we would be happy with Iraq if we couldn't have Bin laddin, I still want that son of a bitch on a platter, but thats another blog. I do think we need to rethink our postition in Iraq now, and get our boys home. I think we should have done that long ago. I don't think Bush is a good president, but I think he may be the lesser of two evils.

Who am I voting for? I think I may use my rights to write in a vote this year. Maybe Toby Keith, I think he would get things straighten out. Don't know if he wants to be president, he may just be to honest for that job. So now you have it, I don't know how I am voting . I just know it is not Kerry, and it is not Bush.

Lunch, and it sounds so simple.

"What do you want for lunch?"
"I want schiken on a sanwish mom."
"Ok" I say as I started to put chicken salad on a sandwich.
"No not dat mom, dat dross"
It's gross, you just said you wanted this"
"No I want peanut butter."
"I want it wrapped around"
"ok, you want jelly?"
So I slap some peanut butter on a piece of bread,fold it in half, and hand it to him.
"were the jelly?"
"you didn't ask for jelly you said it was gross."
"it not dross mom, put some jelly on."
"I want 2 sanwishes mom."
So I smear some jelly on add a piece of bread to the top and hand it to him.
"Dis is dross."
"It is peanut butter and Jelly, that is just what you asked for."
"It is dross, I just want a sanwish."
I hand him a piece of bread, and he runs off happy as can be.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Call me.

I have been reading a certain blog, and there has been a lot of dating talk lately. This has made me first off glad I am not in the dating world, and mostly wondering where people get these "rules of dating".

I have always been a straight forward kind of person, and if I give out my phone number it means call me, I like you and I would like to get to know you better. It means if I give you my number and you don't call me then I will know you don't feel the same way, I guess I am just old and have not been in the dating world in a good many years, but there just seems to be so many games played these days. If 2 people like each other then why play these games? The guys are so worried about appearing desperate, and the girls are all sitting around wondering if the guy is going to call. So my advice for all these young people is throw the phone number to the wind, and just meet somewhere the next day, a lunch, a walk in the park, whatever. This would cure a lot of wasted time waiting around to call, or waiting around for the call. How hard would that be. "Hey I don't do the phone number game, but if you are really interested and I have a chance to get to know you better, then lets meet tomorrow at Joes happyland cafe at 1 pm. If your not planning on showing up let me know now, so I don't waste my time either, and we can both move on".

Sunday, May 02, 2004

The weekend

I don't understand how it can be gone already, 2 days goes way to fast. I am no where near ready for another week to start. I still have laundry to get down, and the house needs vacuumed, and there are dishes to do. I spend to much time playing this weekend and didn't get a thing done. We were outside all day today. The boys were wore out, which is always a good thing and I am wore out and it is late. I am off to lay my head on the pillow and have sweet dreams of a clean house.

Up late.

I took a nap yesterday so I couldn't sleep last night. It probably wasn't just the nap, I am rarely able to sleep real well anyway. I was up, and decided at 11 I would go to Walmart. I don't know why, I guess Steve was home the kids were asleep, and I desperately needed some alone time. I don't do the bar scene, so that late it leaves 2 choices Wal-mart or the corner mini mart. I picked good ole walmart. I don't really enjoy the whole walmart experience, but I do enjoy their prices, the only thing I don't buy from walmart is clothes. They just don't last when you buy them there. So I go to walmart, and I can tell you some pretty strange people shop late. There was one guy who was having a conversation all by himself, I don't mean talking to himself, I don't find that strange at all, as I talk to myself all the time. He was many different people and many different voices, and I believe he was at a party. The couple that were looking at bra's were really rather funny. She would hold up something he would turn red and shake his head, all the while keeping this look on his face like how could she be doing this to me. I figure they have not been married that long, or he would be handing her the ones he liked, just to get out of there. Then there were the 2 guys who were well into their 30's having a discussion about Speed Buggy, you know the cartoon from days gone by. I found that slightly disturbing. I found a few normal people too, but mostly they were weirdo's, it was kind of fun like going to the circus, maybe I will do it again sometime.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Something fun.

On my links you will find create a story. This is something I thought would be fun to do. If you want to be inculded email me.createastory