Thursday, May 27, 2004

Pre school is over for the summer yeah.

No more getting up early, hunting shoes, speeding to school in my pj's yipppeeee. My middle one has finished pre school for the year. When the teacher asked him his favorite thing about school, he said it was play dough, figures all the other kids stated things like the reading center, learning the ABC's, but not mine. The learning stuff was just no fun at all lets get to the playing stuff, that is what school should be all about more play time. For some reason I can see him starting a protest against all that learning stuff, after all he knows everything a 4 year old needs to know to get by in life. He knows how to knock the crap out of his older brother, he knows how to use the microwave, he knows how to lay a guilt trip on mom, what the heck good are ABC's when you have life figured out. Actually he is my little smarty pants, he absorbs information, and stores it for later use. He likes learning new things, but I don't allow play dough to be used in my house anymore. The dogs eat it, it get stuck in the carpet, it is just a mess.

On a side note: I went and bought Lord of the Rings, return of the king. Oh my god I don't think I was ever as turned on in my whole life by a movie kisses. I longed to be Arowen sp? at that moment where Aragon grabs her and kisses her. I wonder if Viggo can really kiss like that in life? Aragon was a turn on through all 3 movies anyway, but the last one, his confidence, the way he commander respect, and that damn kiss. Good god why did Steve have to be out of town!

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