Friday, May 07, 2004

I want to be me.

I gave the 2 oldest hair cuts today. They think it is cool when I cut the top real short and they can kind of spike it up. They were both pleased with their new do, so the baby decided he would have a cut too. Everything was going well and he was being as still as a 3 year old can be. I got the top cut, then one side, then I went to the back. I turned this little child around and he looked at himself in the mirror, and big tears started falling from his eyes.
I asked him what was wrong, and he can hardly tell me he is sobbing so hard, but then it comes out.
"I dus wanna be me. Dat not me, I wanna be de weet baby."
"Honey it will be ok your still the sweet baby."
"NO dat not me. I wanna be me aden."
I finally got him settled down and assured him he was the sweet baby, and a hair cut wouldn't change that. Then he made me put water on his head so his hair would grow long again.
Next time I think I will take him to the barber.

My oldest two also came home with the marigolds they have been growing in class and gave them to me for Mother's day.
The oldest then asked me.
"is dad getting you a mother's day present?"
I told him I wasn't dad mom so dad shouldn't get me anything.
This sweet little angel, whom I love more than life informed me everyone should get me a present because "you are so awesome mom." He about made me cry.

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