Friday, May 14, 2004

My boys!

We went to Wendy's for dinner tonight, and we were discussing what we were all going to have. I told them we were going to have cat eyes for dinner. They all laughed and told me I was gross. Then the oldest said we would have snot burgers, and my middle one informed us that he didn't have enough snot for everyone, so we would have to get our own.

We had a big accident yesterday, besides the computer. The baby was sitting in a chair, writing on a piece of paper and the middle one pushed the chair over. The baby fell right on the pen and it stuck right under the corner of his eye. My brave little man didn't even cry, he looks at me and says "momma that hurts". I grabbed him up and you could see a big whole where the pen went in. It didn't bleed right away, so I was looking it over and you could see the bone there. I got a cloth and cleaned it up and then I got my liquid bandage out and glued him back together. He is fine now, but it scared me so bad. If it would have been another half an inch higher it would have went right into his eye.

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