Thursday, May 06, 2004

It's Alice!

"mom, mom, come here quick, there is a snake next door."
I go running out and sure enough the neighbors are all out in their back yard and they have a snake cornered behind a barrel.
The baby ran to the front door screaming "Alice, Alice!"
We all followed him and went to investigate.
Steve picked up a shovel to get it out from behind the barrel, and the neighbor rigged up a rope to put around it little head, all the while the baby cried "Don't hurt my Alice snake, daddy don't hurt my Alice snake."
They got the snake out from behind the barrel, and it turn out to be fairly harmless. It was a 4 foot bull snake, not venomous, but the darn things can will bite. The baby was so happy and thought we were going to bring it home with us, but I really just didn't want a big ole bull snake winding up in my bed. They loaded in a bucket and hauled it around the block and let it go at the river. The baby is not happy at all about the whole thing. He had found him an Alice, and then we wouldn't let him keep it. He is heartbroken.

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