Friday, July 29, 2005

Reflections of unspoken words

We are getting ready to go to Grand Junction, Colorado to see my grandparents. I didn't think I was going to be able to go, but I am going and I am happy.

David spent the week in hockey camp. He loves hockey so much. This year was his first year of all day camp, and they were on the ice for like 3 hours so by today he was dead tired. I didn't stay at the rink all day everyday like I normally do, it was just to long and the other 2 got bored after an hour, so today we watched them all day. They did some skills assements today and then they played a game, which was the highlight of Davids week, and then they watched themselves on video and he got to bring his video home with him. He is ready to start the season next year and we still have 2 months before it starts. The mites have a travel team and he wants to try out for it, but I think 7 is a little to young to be that competitive, not to mention the fact that all I hear from Steve is how expensive it is. I think next year will be better for the travel team, he will be a better skater and it the other 2 will be a little bigger and easier to travel with.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jenn's very own quiz

The Relationship quiz

1. I am going to go see my grandparents, who live 6 hours away. You...?
A. Tell me to have a good time and you will see me when I get home.
B. Pout and throw a fit.
C. Make any excuse you can find to keep me from going ie. We canÂ’t afford it, the car might break down ect.

2. You drink...
A. To get drunk and you do it often.
B. When your having a good time and never so much that you can't stand up.
C. Once in awhile, but only if your not driving

3. You want a little sex, and I am tired. You...
A. Turn over and pout all night.
B. Storm out of bed and go through all my files on the computer, because I must have a boyfriend.
C. Understand and hope for the best tomorrow morning.

4. Tomorrow morning rolls around you...
A. Sweetly wake me up doing all those things you know are going to turn me on.
B. Nudge me and say "you wanna fool around?"
C. Take advantage of the fact that I am still mostly asleep and just go for it.

5. You sister and I have had a falling out. You...
A. Tell me I am childish because I don't want to spend time with someone who says I am a bitch and a bad mother.
B. Stay neutral it's not your battle.
C. Get sad because I "hate" your whole family.

6. I am chatting online with one of my girlfriends. You...
A. Do your own thing until I am done.
B. Keep asking me who I am talking to and keep walking over to look over my shoulder to see what we are saying.
C. Get mad and drink more beer.

7. We are sitting watching a movie I want to see, but your not really that interested in. You...
A. Sit quietly and watch with me, it might surprise you and be good.
B. Talk excessively through the entire movie.
C. Get on the phone and have a 2 hour long distance conversation 2 feet from me so I can't hear the movie.

8. It's a quiet night at home and you are watching TV. I am sitting at the computer writing. You are...
A. Glad I have something I enjoy doing.
B. Annoyed at the fact that I am not paying attention to you.
C. Thinking of the best way to get me into bed.

9. I need half an hour of quiet alone time. You are...
A. All for giving me some space.
B. Angry that I don't want to spend every free second with you.
C. Take the opportunityy to do something you enjoy.

10. Sex is
A. Always the same.
B. Fun and spontaneouss.
C. A little on the freaky deakey side.

Just some of the questions I should have asked before I made a commitmentt.

Sandman where are you?

Sleep is my elusive mistress, she stands there teasing me and taunting me like a wanton whore, but never getting close enough for me to touch. Just when I think I have seduced her into my bed she jumps up and runs from me so I have to chase her. I stumble around blinded from her beauty, but never knowing the sweet taste of her lips.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Sleep deprived and feeling Randy

I crept off to bed about 1ish in the am, and because I have not gotten my own bedroom as I have asked for many time, I have to slip into bed as quiet as I possible can. I start to get in and Steve is taking up the whole damn bed, and I don't need a whole lot of room a quarter of the bed works for me, but I don't even find an eighth. I wiggle in trying not to touch him just mentally willing him to move over, no luck he threw his leg on top on me and proceeded to snore in my ear for the next hour. I know what makes women go insane and kill their husbands and it has nothing to do with PMS! I lay there wishing he would stop snoring, because I was tired and we had to get up early. The next hour was spent praying for death his or mine I didn't care just so long as the snoring in my ear stopped. Then thank God his alarm went off, oh good he is going to get up and I can finally sleep and have some peace, oh no he hits the snooze, and whoever invented the snooze button needs to be kicking in the nuts, not once but twice he does this, and not even scooting over to do it.

So now it's almost 2:45 and he is finally getting out of bed. I stretch out and get all comfy and stuff, and fell asleep... for a whole 3 hours then I hear "mama" in a soft whisper then it gets a little louder "MAMA, mama, mom, mother, mom, mama until finally Jennifer this is your kid and I need you to get up now I have hockey camp!" I pry my eyelids apart look at him thinking there is no way I gave birth to this creature, glance toward the clock and see I have another hour and 15 minutes of sleep coming to me. I tell D that it isn't time yet and I think I said something like "go away or I will beat you." He did because he is a wise child, he gets that from me! So I lay there for about 15 minutes and think well I might as well get up. So I get out of bed and we get all ready for camp today. He had a great time, but got a little bored at times he said. They have video/lecture time and no 7 year old wants to sit that long!

So tonight I got the kids all snuggled into their beds and I cranked up the tunes, and I am attempting to blog on little sleep. I get the bed all to myself tonight WOOOHOOO sleep sweet sleep! I will probably crawl into bed and lay there wide awake!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cleaning up a bit

I was going through all the stuff I have in drafts that I have never finished, but meant to get to soon. I have had a lot going on around here. I will share a few of the story, but I have no hope of ever finishing them so I will just share the best parts.

Granny panics.

Mom and dad where have been here working on the house with us, and they have to stay in a motel while they are here, because our house is to freaking small, but that is another story, for another time. Anyway mom and I decide call it a night and take the boys swimming at the motel pool. We get there and I am finishing a cigarette, funny thing about smoking they say the second hand smoke is what will kill your children. "They" would be so wrong in their thinking. I am standing at the gate and I look at mom, she is wide eye and saying something I can't make out, but I think she is talking to the boys. I look in the direction she is looking and I see Cam go under, surface, and go under again. OH SHIT I think. I drop my cigarette, kicked off my shoes, threw my purse, and in I went after him clothes and all. My mom works at a rec center, and is certified to save lives, but apparently they never tested her in a real situtation, because she fails miserablely at life saving skills! I grabbed Cam, and he was fine. He just didn't know it dropped off that quickly. He knows how to hold his breath, so I wasn't to worried.

Nice ride dude.

My neighbors got a new old car, and Colton walks past them the other day and says "Nice Ride Dude." He's four where the hell does he come up with this stuff?

Aluminim house.

You know those people who think that if they were tinfoil hats the aliens won't be able to read their thoughts, or something like that. Well I would bet that every UFO within 3000 miles has had thier radar thrown off by our house. It is a lovely shiny foil, and there is no hope of it ever getting siding on. This whole 19 days is going to be a big freaking waste of energy, but I am safe for any alien invasion so that does make me feel better.

There were more drafts, but I am tired and David has to be to hockey camp at an ungodly hour so I won't be posting those. I am off to bed, so we can get up at the butt crack of dawn, thank god I will have one child that is wore out at the end of the day. Maybe I will run the other 2 in front of the car on the way home so we can all get to bed earily. OH and no the siding is not up we still have a shiney house and I don't give a shit it isn't my house and I won't be here long enough to die here that is for sure!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Birthday

I am sitting here sadly writing this post. My oldest baby turns 7 today. To him that means he is having a birthday and getting presents and having cake and all the fun stuff that goes with being a child and having a birthday. To me it means he is one step closer to leaving me, and there is nothing I can do to stop the fact that my kids will out grow me. They already need me less and less the older they get, but one day they will only call on me when they need something. They won't want to hang out and play with me, and they won't want to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies with me, and they won't want to go places with me, and, and, and... and then one day they will spread their wings and fly out in this world by themselves, leaving me behind with only memories of the times they were little and mom was their best friend.

I often wonder what I will do then without my children. What did I do before I had kids? All I can remember is them being in my life they are my soul purpose for living. I adjust around their needs, and nothing about me is important, there is no point where they stop and I begin. I will learn to let them go, because that is what a good parent does, they let them go so they can make their way in the world, and with any luck find love, happiness, achieve all their hearts desires. I am just at the starting point of letting go. I still have many skinned knees to kiss and hurt feeling to mend, but everyday they pull harder and harder at those strings just waiting for their chance to break free.

Happy birthday little man I love you so much.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I wanna talk about me

The sweetness that is Jack requested this, and how can I refuse him anything? Well I can't, and that is apparent because I am doing it, and it was harder than it looks!


1. Hatefullness
2. indecisiveness
3. piss poor attitudes
4. moodiness
5. stupidity (so agree on that!)
6. lack of humor
7. lack of trust
8. lies
9. people who talk to much
10. uncleanlyness


1. Honesty
2. foreplay
3. humor
4. smiles
5. trust
6. freedom
7. love
8. good sportsmanship
9. kisses on the back of my neck
10. self confidence (even though I lack that)


Just talked to Tricia girl. She said they are doing good so far! They got Zach all hooked up to the stuff he is suppose to be hooked up to and they are now proceeding to get his heart into the irregular rhythm so they can zap him with the laser!

Wow what a relief! Tricia called and said that Zach is heading to recoverary, and they will be heading home this evening! Everything went much smoother than it did last year.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mending broken hearts

I know this post was suppose to be about rodoe's and cowboys and all that, but something much more important came up.

Most of you know my very good friend http://Tricia girl. If you have been reading awhile then you know that her baby boy Zack had to have surgery on his heart last year and it didn't work because his heart was to little. Well the 20th of this month they are going to try it all again. When you read Tricia's page she sounds like a rock, because that is what mom's do they are strong and supportive on the outside, but on the inside she is a wreak, and I wish I could be there for her. I know everything is going to work this time, and Zach won't ever have to do this again! I am asking all of you to keep Zach and his family in your thoughts and prayers this Wednesday

Tricia girl I am so sorry I have been so hard to get ahold of this past week when you have needed me, but know that I love you very much and am thinking of you. I wish that I could hop on a plane to be there with you. I know there isn't really anything I could do, but worry with you and I will be doing that from here.

Friday, July 15, 2005

8 seconds

It is fair and rodeo week, and with all the work going on around our house I didn't think we would get a chance to go this year. The boys were really disappointed when I told them we probably wouldn't make it this year, especially David, but he didn't whine or pout he cowboyed up and accepted the fact that he wouldn't get to ride that mechanical bull like he has talked about since last year. Last night I got them all showered and dressed and David put his boots on his little feet and it was off to the rodeo.

We arrived early so that we could touch every animal within a 20 mile radius, because the fair just isn't the fair unless my eyes swell darn near shut from algeries. Our first stop was the petting farm. They had goats, llamas, chickens, ducks, sheep, cows, pigs, but my very favorite was a little brauma bull. I say little cause it wasn't very old, but it was still huge compared to every other animal in there. He was so cute though. He followed me around licking me with his giraffe like tongue my arm was slobbered up from the elbow to the tips of my fingers and then he would rub his head against my leg, and ram into me if I tried to pet anyone else. I really wanted to bring him home with me, but I don't think I could pass him off as a large dog and city laws don't allow keeping a bull in your yard! The boys touched everything and Colton got to kiss a few goats and a couple of calves the calves kissed him right back. Cows are very licky animals, but they drool like mad.

Next we were off to the mechanical bull. I gave David his 5 bucks, signed the release, and off he went with the biggest smile I have even seen. He got on slipped his hand under the rope and held that little arm up in the air ready to ride. He rode for about a minute and then the guy increased the speed and he stayed with it for about 5 seconds before he got bucked off. He was still grinning from ear to ear when he jumped up, and on the way out he gave the guy a high five and told him "that was awesome dude!" the guy got a big kick out of him. David is now sure he is a real cowboy, and I wish I had the money for him to be, but horses cost to much to feed and board, and my god they are just so much work.

More rodeo adventures tomorrow. I have to go work now this stupid house sucks!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Windows, siding, and doors oh my!

I have brand spanking new windows and 2 new doors, and one whole strip of new siding! I am just so happy we are not going to have that ugly yellow house anymore! There will still be a lot of painting to do when all the siding is finished, and the windows will need stained on the inside, but that isn't a big deal I can do that without Steve. We are going to have to get busy really fast now cause there are only 8 more days of Steves vacation, and there is still a lot of work to do.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sorry it took so long!

Ashley's questions

1. Is there some place that you want to travel to that you have not been yet?

2. After college are you planning on staying in your hometown to work or moving somewhere else?

3. What is one great thing you want to accomplish in your life time?

4. Would you rather have fame and fortune or love and happiness?

5. and David wants to know if you have any good hockey camps this summer? and he wants me to tell you he is going to hockey camp at the end of the month and he will be 7 then... he has a lot he wants to tell you.

Miss Vicki

1. How was the baseball game yesterday?

2. Why don't you have some 25 year old love slave? You are young, beautiful, and single you should!

3. What is the most embarassing moment so far in your life?

4. Do you ever wish you had kids?

5. How did you wind up in Oregan?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Man you guys are quick

Shara's Questions

1. Are you feeling like your normal self yet?

2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years.

3. Have you got all the glass cleaned up or are you still finding it in odd places?

4. How do you make web design look so easy? Everytime I go to your page or Dawn's you have added something else that is awesome cool.

5. What is your favorite place to eat out?

Jamie's Questions

1. Have you been sleeping much lately with a new baby in the house.

2. Do you workout to keep those great legs or are you one of those lucky people who are just naturally blessed with them?

3. Do you still ride motorcycles after your near death experience with them?

4. How did you and Mel meet and was it love at first sight?

5. Boxers or Briefs?

and on to our furture president.

1. When your elected president will you be letting the vice president make most of the major decisions like how things are in this adminastration? I don't know if I can handle all that pressure so I need to know now so I can prepare.

2. How did you sucker Jen into staying around all these years?

3. How is your mom doing?

4. In light of all your health issues have you been trying to take better care of yourself?

5. If you could change one thing that has happened in your past what would it be?

Steve needs me on the ladder now, so I will get back at this in a little while!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jack has a lot of questions!

Wanna play a game? Volunteer have me ask you five questions. But you HAVE to answer them, blog them and make yourself available to ask five questions of other volunteers. And then they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends...

1. If you could build your life from scratch, where would you be now?

If I knew then what I know now... I would have finished college and gotten a real job. This is a hard question, because everything I would change involves doing something that results in me not having the boys. If I would have stayed in Denver and finished college I wouldn't have met Steve, and I wouldn't have the boys, and the thought of not having them in my life is horrifying. If I didn't know now what I didn't know then... I would probably be right where I am now, because I wouldn't have the knowledge about the mistakes I have made, so I would more than likely make them again. Tough question Jack and one I often think about myself. I am not sure I am willing to change everything and not have my kids.

2. Is evil something one is, or something one does?

Oh boy there is no black and white answer to this question. I think it depends on what your idea of evil is. I think there are people who do evil things and have no remorse for their actions and that makes them just as evil as their actions. Then there are people who do evil things and suffer for the rest of their lifes with regrets over those actions so there act was evil, but they are not evil themselves.

3. Who's your favorite Bond?

Sean Connery is Bond. You mean there were others? I can watch Roger Moore, but even he doesn't compare to Sir Sean Connery. He was hot then and he is hotter now.

4. When are women going to unite and take over??

Women already rule it is our plan to make men think they are safe and secure, but every night while you men are sleeping we plant subconscious ideas in your heads, that's the reason we always get our way.

5. How do you read so incredibly fast? Have you always?

I had a lot of trouble learning to read when I was little, then when I finally got it there was no stopping me. I went from little kids books to grown up books almost over night. I guess I just wanted to hurry and get through one book so I could get to the next. I was reading my mom's romance novels by 4th grade, and by sixth grade I was reading Shakespeare, which probably isn't that big of a deal for someone who didn't struggle with reading, but to me it was. I am not sure that romance novels are the best material for a 10 year old, but I couldn't get enough, and books geared to my age level didn't hold my interest. If something is boring it takes me a long time to read it, but if it a good piece of work, like your book, I hate to walk away from it until I am finished with it.