Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sorry it took so long!

Ashley's questions

1. Is there some place that you want to travel to that you have not been yet?

2. After college are you planning on staying in your hometown to work or moving somewhere else?

3. What is one great thing you want to accomplish in your life time?

4. Would you rather have fame and fortune or love and happiness?

5. and David wants to know if you have any good hockey camps this summer? and he wants me to tell you he is going to hockey camp at the end of the month and he will be 7 then... he has a lot he wants to tell you.

Miss Vicki

1. How was the baseball game yesterday?

2. Why don't you have some 25 year old love slave? You are young, beautiful, and single you should!

3. What is the most embarassing moment so far in your life?

4. Do you ever wish you had kids?

5. How did you wind up in Oregan?

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