Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cleaning up a bit

I was going through all the stuff I have in drafts that I have never finished, but meant to get to soon. I have had a lot going on around here. I will share a few of the story, but I have no hope of ever finishing them so I will just share the best parts.

Granny panics.

Mom and dad where have been here working on the house with us, and they have to stay in a motel while they are here, because our house is to freaking small, but that is another story, for another time. Anyway mom and I decide call it a night and take the boys swimming at the motel pool. We get there and I am finishing a cigarette, funny thing about smoking they say the second hand smoke is what will kill your children. "They" would be so wrong in their thinking. I am standing at the gate and I look at mom, she is wide eye and saying something I can't make out, but I think she is talking to the boys. I look in the direction she is looking and I see Cam go under, surface, and go under again. OH SHIT I think. I drop my cigarette, kicked off my shoes, threw my purse, and in I went after him clothes and all. My mom works at a rec center, and is certified to save lives, but apparently they never tested her in a real situtation, because she fails miserablely at life saving skills! I grabbed Cam, and he was fine. He just didn't know it dropped off that quickly. He knows how to hold his breath, so I wasn't to worried.

Nice ride dude.

My neighbors got a new old car, and Colton walks past them the other day and says "Nice Ride Dude." He's four where the hell does he come up with this stuff?

Aluminim house.

You know those people who think that if they were tinfoil hats the aliens won't be able to read their thoughts, or something like that. Well I would bet that every UFO within 3000 miles has had thier radar thrown off by our house. It is a lovely shiny foil, and there is no hope of it ever getting siding on. This whole 19 days is going to be a big freaking waste of energy, but I am safe for any alien invasion so that does make me feel better.

There were more drafts, but I am tired and David has to be to hockey camp at an ungodly hour so I won't be posting those. I am off to bed, so we can get up at the butt crack of dawn, thank god I will have one child that is wore out at the end of the day. Maybe I will run the other 2 in front of the car on the way home so we can all get to bed earily. OH and no the siding is not up we still have a shiney house and I don't give a shit it isn't my house and I won't be here long enough to die here that is for sure!

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