Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jack has a lot of questions!

Wanna play a game? Volunteer have me ask you five questions. But you HAVE to answer them, blog them and make yourself available to ask five questions of other volunteers. And then they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends...

1. If you could build your life from scratch, where would you be now?

If I knew then what I know now... I would have finished college and gotten a real job. This is a hard question, because everything I would change involves doing something that results in me not having the boys. If I would have stayed in Denver and finished college I wouldn't have met Steve, and I wouldn't have the boys, and the thought of not having them in my life is horrifying. If I didn't know now what I didn't know then... I would probably be right where I am now, because I wouldn't have the knowledge about the mistakes I have made, so I would more than likely make them again. Tough question Jack and one I often think about myself. I am not sure I am willing to change everything and not have my kids.

2. Is evil something one is, or something one does?

Oh boy there is no black and white answer to this question. I think it depends on what your idea of evil is. I think there are people who do evil things and have no remorse for their actions and that makes them just as evil as their actions. Then there are people who do evil things and suffer for the rest of their lifes with regrets over those actions so there act was evil, but they are not evil themselves.

3. Who's your favorite Bond?

Sean Connery is Bond. You mean there were others? I can watch Roger Moore, but even he doesn't compare to Sir Sean Connery. He was hot then and he is hotter now.

4. When are women going to unite and take over??

Women already rule it is our plan to make men think they are safe and secure, but every night while you men are sleeping we plant subconscious ideas in your heads, that's the reason we always get our way.

5. How do you read so incredibly fast? Have you always?

I had a lot of trouble learning to read when I was little, then when I finally got it there was no stopping me. I went from little kids books to grown up books almost over night. I guess I just wanted to hurry and get through one book so I could get to the next. I was reading my mom's romance novels by 4th grade, and by sixth grade I was reading Shakespeare, which probably isn't that big of a deal for someone who didn't struggle with reading, but to me it was. I am not sure that romance novels are the best material for a 10 year old, but I couldn't get enough, and books geared to my age level didn't hold my interest. If something is boring it takes me a long time to read it, but if it a good piece of work, like your book, I hate to walk away from it until I am finished with it.

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