Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mending broken hearts

I know this post was suppose to be about rodoe's and cowboys and all that, but something much more important came up.

Most of you know my very good friend http://Tricia girl. If you have been reading awhile then you know that her baby boy Zack had to have surgery on his heart last year and it didn't work because his heart was to little. Well the 20th of this month they are going to try it all again. When you read Tricia's page she sounds like a rock, because that is what mom's do they are strong and supportive on the outside, but on the inside she is a wreak, and I wish I could be there for her. I know everything is going to work this time, and Zach won't ever have to do this again! I am asking all of you to keep Zach and his family in your thoughts and prayers this Wednesday

Tricia girl I am so sorry I have been so hard to get ahold of this past week when you have needed me, but know that I love you very much and am thinking of you. I wish that I could hop on a plane to be there with you. I know there isn't really anything I could do, but worry with you and I will be doing that from here.

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