Monday, July 25, 2005

Sleep deprived and feeling Randy

I crept off to bed about 1ish in the am, and because I have not gotten my own bedroom as I have asked for many time, I have to slip into bed as quiet as I possible can. I start to get in and Steve is taking up the whole damn bed, and I don't need a whole lot of room a quarter of the bed works for me, but I don't even find an eighth. I wiggle in trying not to touch him just mentally willing him to move over, no luck he threw his leg on top on me and proceeded to snore in my ear for the next hour. I know what makes women go insane and kill their husbands and it has nothing to do with PMS! I lay there wishing he would stop snoring, because I was tired and we had to get up early. The next hour was spent praying for death his or mine I didn't care just so long as the snoring in my ear stopped. Then thank God his alarm went off, oh good he is going to get up and I can finally sleep and have some peace, oh no he hits the snooze, and whoever invented the snooze button needs to be kicking in the nuts, not once but twice he does this, and not even scooting over to do it.

So now it's almost 2:45 and he is finally getting out of bed. I stretch out and get all comfy and stuff, and fell asleep... for a whole 3 hours then I hear "mama" in a soft whisper then it gets a little louder "MAMA, mama, mom, mother, mom, mama until finally Jennifer this is your kid and I need you to get up now I have hockey camp!" I pry my eyelids apart look at him thinking there is no way I gave birth to this creature, glance toward the clock and see I have another hour and 15 minutes of sleep coming to me. I tell D that it isn't time yet and I think I said something like "go away or I will beat you." He did because he is a wise child, he gets that from me! So I lay there for about 15 minutes and think well I might as well get up. So I get out of bed and we get all ready for camp today. He had a great time, but got a little bored at times he said. They have video/lecture time and no 7 year old wants to sit that long!

So tonight I got the kids all snuggled into their beds and I cranked up the tunes, and I am attempting to blog on little sleep. I get the bed all to myself tonight WOOOHOOO sleep sweet sleep! I will probably crawl into bed and lay there wide awake!

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