Friday, July 29, 2005

Reflections of unspoken words

We are getting ready to go to Grand Junction, Colorado to see my grandparents. I didn't think I was going to be able to go, but I am going and I am happy.

David spent the week in hockey camp. He loves hockey so much. This year was his first year of all day camp, and they were on the ice for like 3 hours so by today he was dead tired. I didn't stay at the rink all day everyday like I normally do, it was just to long and the other 2 got bored after an hour, so today we watched them all day. They did some skills assements today and then they played a game, which was the highlight of Davids week, and then they watched themselves on video and he got to bring his video home with him. He is ready to start the season next year and we still have 2 months before it starts. The mites have a travel team and he wants to try out for it, but I think 7 is a little to young to be that competitive, not to mention the fact that all I hear from Steve is how expensive it is. I think next year will be better for the travel team, he will be a better skater and it the other 2 will be a little bigger and easier to travel with.

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