Wednesday, June 30, 2004

God I am addicted, one more before I am off to bed.

You are Colombia (Little Nell)
You are Colombia. You rock in that special way only
the squeaky can.

Which Rocky Horror character are you?
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I love you guys,

I am going to miss you all so much, I can barley see through my tears. I am all packed and ready to go! Yeehaw! The van is loaded, and now I will go put some gas in it and I am ready. I still have to do the damn dishes, but everything else is done! You all have a lovely week, I know it will be hard to do without me, but try people, the world doesn't revolve around me, just take small step, one day at a time. I know you'll get through it. Love you all and I will see ya next week. Except you Tricia I will be expecting that email!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Does that imply something bad?

Orange info
Your Heart is Orange

What Color is Your Heart?
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I flipped up my yahoo messenger and this though just stuck in my head, it says "I'm available" that could be miss leading really, because I am married, but yet there it is for anyone to see "I'm available" now I just have to determine what I am available for. Oh sure there are other options like invisible, but I would much rather be available than invisible! Anyway where am I going with this on yeah. I do have IM and I can be reached most of the time cause I'm available, so if ya want to chat me up go ahead I don't bite unless you ask real nice.

Damn you people are demanding!

Ok I don't have anything creative to share with you at all today, but had to do something. I don't want to get accused of having a life or anything, cause you know I don't. I am getting ready for my trip to see my grandparents. We are having a big 60th anniversary party that was suppose to be a surprise, but the stupid person who made the invites somehow managed to leave that little fact out! I am not making invite to anything else as long as I live! So we are leaving on Thursday, oh the joy and fun of traveling with 3 small boys. The trip takes about 2 hours longer than it should with all the "mom I have to pee" "mom I am Hungary", but it is always worth it to see my family. I miss my grandparents a lot. My mom and dad and sister and I will then take the boys to Denver to do something fun on the way home, not quite sure what yet, but we will figure out something.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Mud what a mess.

Yeah they make a big mud hole in the back yard, and then proceeded to swim in it. They are quick, and I knew they were up to something it was way to quiet out there, and I was running. So I got off the treadmill went to check it out, and I started to yell. I almost screamed and hollered about what a mess it was, for a moment I was mad. Then I remembered a little girl we all know, Savannah, and I shut up and I got the camera and took pictures of them, and I wadded in the mud with them, and I stomped and splashed water with them, and I hugged them and we were all covered in mud. I feel so blessed to have them, and so guilty that mine are all healthy, while little Savannah isn't. Then I got to thinking how short life is, and yeah I have them now, but what about tomorrow anything could happen tomorrow. I think I will spend more time splashing in the mud, and less time being mad about the mess!
This is what my boys did yesterday while I was on the treadmill! Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 27, 2004

OH yeah we run naked through the streets here.

My boys have taken to climbing the fence to escape to the front yard. I looked out awhile ago, and to my surprise running down the sidewalk was my 3 year old. He doesn't like clothes so I dress him and he goes outside and takes off his clothes. I am about to give up on keeping him dressed, and just let him go naked from now on. It would save on laundry anyway. So I look out the window and there is this naked kid running down the street. I think "that kids mom should get some clothes on him." I go back to whatever it was I was doing at the time, and it dawns on me that was my kid running down the sidewalk. I ran out the door to here him yelling "I'n free, I'n free". I then had to chase him down, and if you have every tried getting a naked 3 year old who doesn't want to be got back in the house, you know it is no easy task. They are quicker then you might imagine. I think it is the fact that they have no clothes creating drag, which also makes it really hard to grab onto them. I finally caught him half way up the block, and he started screaming "no don't take me, don't take me." I am glad there were no strangers in the neighborhood, I am sure they would of thought I was stealing this naked little boy.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

The lake was lovely

I took the boys to the lake yesterday. We had planned on doing a little fishing, but we got there and I fed them some lunch, and then it started raining. Not just a little rain, no it was like someone was scooping buckets full of water out of the lake and dumping them on us. We were standing in a little shelter watching it wash the hillside away, and almost a camper and a boat. The boys decided we should check the worms to make sure they were ok. I gave them each a worm, and the middle one stuck him under his tongue, because that is how every good fisherman hooks the big one. The baby wanted to eat his worm, but wanted to wash the dirt off it first. It rained like that for about 45 minutes, and then cleared to a drizzle. We had a lot of fun really, and the boys decided we really do have hurricanes in Wyoming. We watched some Canadian geese with babies, you know when it rains they look straight up at the sky. We saw a beautiful buck mule deer, he is going to have a huge spread. The deer are so pretty this time of year they are in velvet, and it has been a good spring for them they are sleek and shiny. We saw some pelicans, yes we have them here. The boys always think they are funny looking, and they are. We also got to see the golden eagles, we have 2 mating pair out there right now, they are awesome. My favorite of all the birds of prey, you know when eagles mate they fly as high as they can, and free fall until they almost hit the ground. It was a great day, even if we didn't' get to fish.

Friday, June 25, 2004

You are Marilyn Monroe!
You're Marilyn Monroe!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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Stole this from Ren. I really want to know if Tricia and Collin are the same thing, but don't know if we will get Collin to take this quiz.

I am as graceful as a swan!

We had our trip to walmart yesterday. We were all getting along fairly well, which mean the boys were actually being good. The middle one decided he was going to help push the basket, so he stood inbetween me and the cart. I hate shoes, always have so I were those cork shoes, and we are walking along and I trip over the middle one, get my little toe stuck on his shoe, he takes a step sideways and my little toe goes with him, so I jerk my foot back and slam it into the wheel of the cart. That all happened in about 2 seconds. I think the toe is broken, it is black and purple all the way up my foot, anyway the point of my tragic little tale, my sweet middle child is so full of caring and love, looks at me and say "if you had shoe on that would of never happened mom." I told him I did have shoes on, he says "not those damn things mom, real shoes that cover your feet." I was laughing so hard through my tears of pain. This child told me the same thing my father has told me all my life, "put some shoes on" daddy always says. I guess that is good he is looking out for me, someone has to, and for 4 he is wise beyond his years!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The stupid things I do.

What the hell was I thinking? I know this girl she is 18, and has a 2 year old baby. She is a good kid really, just got into a little trouble. So anyway I watch her little boy from time to time, and I had him last night. He is going through the whole biting thing so the 4 of them battled all night. When his mom came to get him, she told me that she got offered a better job, which is great she needs the money. She is fixing to get married, and things in life are falling into place for awhile. So she asked me if I would be willing to babysat. I without thinking, because I feel sorry for her, say sure sweetie I would do that for you. Then she tells me it would be from 6:30 in the morning to like 3 in the afternoon. What the hell? Who gets up that early? I am just barley going to bed at 6:30 in the morning. I guess I am stuck with even less sleep than before now! I should be slapped for my stupidity, but then I look at her life, and realize she feels safe leaving her baby in my care, she needs a friend she can depend on, and she is young. How can I not help her out? Things have been a mess for her up until this point and she is doing the best she can. Yeah, I will get up that early for her.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Love is a game, relationships are work.

Oh how sweet it is when you fall in love. When you fall in love everything is so new and so good. You long to spend every waking moment together, just gazing at one another. The sky is beautiful, the trees are beautiful, hell everything is beautiful. Jack and his romantic little tail of young love got me thinking about it. "In love", just saying it makes me float. I remember the days when I was "in love" I was always in love, with someone though, but I digress. The first year is the best, you have everything in common, even if you hate it you will say you love it just because the person your in love with likes it. You compromises, you don't want to piss each other off, cause your in love. Then if your lucky enough to work through the next year, you start thinking, what the hell am I doing? You don't have as much in common as you thought, and now your not afraid to say you don't like it. Compromise oh sure there is still compromise, but it is not as easy as it once was and it's now call argument. The time rolls on, and you don't really want to spend every waking moment with this person anymore, but you still love each other, you just not in love anymore. So you go from day to day wondering why the hell you got yourself into such a place in life. Wondering if you would be happier without this person in your life, wondering about true love.
The ones that know the difference between true love and in love, they are the ones that make it work. They are the ones that understand everyday is not full of romance and beautiful skies. They know the one they love is going to piss them off, but they know the same goes both ways. The people in life that have found true lasting love know it takes work, hard work to keep a relationship together. They have a common goal of making it work. I think a lot of times the in love people rush into things without understanding how much work is involved in a relationship. There is so much give and take, and knowing when to say things and when to shut up, paying the bills, taking care of life. It all gets in the way of romance and nothing is new anymore. Yeah relationships are work. I sometimes long for those days of being in love. Oh they were so easy and carefree and wonderful, not all this work trying to keep everything running smooth. Yeah sometimes in love would be nice. To bad life is not like that all the time. In another life I think that is what I will do, fall in love and when that one ends I will just find someone else and do it all again, yep in other life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The running is paying off!

Oh yeah look at me go! I have lost 12lbs! WOOOHOOO!! Sorry I just had to share my joy and excitement with you all! 12 freaking pounds in 8 days! Oh yeah! I am haaaapppyyyyy today.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Derek got to pick the words this time!

Our wonderfully funny and always sweet Derek got to pick the words this time. So go here and post your stories. Yeah I mean now, what did you think I meant later?

Hockey tape baby, hockey tape.

Ok I will share a secret with you all. Shhh don't tell though, you have to promise! Everyone knows duct tape and wd40 can fix anything around the house. So here is something that works in my house. Hockey tape, we have lots of it laying around, might be the fact that the boys love hockey so much. I am glad they do, or I would have never found this wonderful invention! The other day we ran out of bandages, well anyone with small children knows bandages make everything better. So in a panic I searched for something to replace it, and found, yep you guessed it the hockey tape. Now every time they get an owwie they ask me to tape them up. Oh the joy of hockey, and it has so many practical uses! So go now to your nearest sporting good store and get you some hockey tape, it works on so many levels.
I love sunsets like these! Posted by Hello
The view from my house last night! Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Daddy's girl

I have always been a daddy's girl, even now in my life I always want to please him. I don't think there is ever going to be a time when he lets me grow up, but that is ok. He loves me and I love him more than words can say! He is my daddy, and I thought since today was fathers day I would share him with you! Daddy is always way to giving and caring, he is one of those people that gets into trouble, because he is always helping someone out. He will give away everything he owns if someone needs it more then him. Which has caused more than one fight with mom! He is the toughest person I have ever met, he never complains, and just does what needs to be done. Daddy joined the army when he was 17, went to boot camp, turned 18 and got shipped off to vietmam for a tour and a half. I always tell the boys that he is a hero, but he always say he isn't. I still think he is a hero, not for serving his country, for all the little things daddys do for their kids, that is what makes him my hero. Happy fathers day daddy, I love you more than you know.
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Know wonder I always like a man in uniform!  Posted by Hello

Ya just had to touch it huh!

We have baby robins in a nest in our tree. Most birds don't survive long in our yard, Jake the lab, gets most of them. He can't help it, he loves to carry them around in his mouth until they drowned in his slobber. He never leaves a mark on them, just carries them around. We don't use our dogs for hunting, so Jake feels he is a bird dog without a purpose and finds his own to play with. Yesterday the boys beat Jake to the baby robin, baby birds are so easy to get a hold of. So I tell them don't mess with it, you will hurt it. Do they listen, well no, why would they listen to mom? They chased it around the yard until exhaustion set in and the poor thing couldn't even fly anymore, and that is when the rain started, it was coming down in buckets. Well there are the boys soaked to the bone, and in they come, the baby holding tight to the little robin.
"He can't fly mom, and we can't get him to his nest."
"Damnit, get that bird back outside, you can't keep it in here."
"But mom..."
"ok let me see it."
The bird didn't appear to be scared at all. I got a towel, wrapped him up, and it just sat there looking at me. I got it all dry and he fluffed up his feather. Then it stopped raining and I took the poor little thing back outside, it hopped back inside. I took it to the tree, and it fell out of the tree! So I just left it and told the boys not to mess with it. Well anyone that speaks 3-5 year old knows that what I said translated into, "pick up that baby robin and carry it around, and squeeze it and pet it, and drop it several time." Which they did! I looked out and the baby had it by the tail feathers. He didn't mean to hurt his birdy, but the little baby robin was dead.
"I told you boys not to touch the bird!"
"He my friend, mom. He lobs me!" the baby says holding the bird close to him.
"Honey you killed him, now his mom is going to miss him."
"No he not dead, he dut sleeping, he tired mom, we played hard."
I took the baby bird from my baby's hands and told him the bird was dead and that is what happens with you mess with wild little birds, they die. The boys were all very sad, they never wanted to kill it they just wanted to touch it and play with it.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Wake up momma it's sunshiny.

I love it when the boys wake up before I do. The baby always comes in and crawls in bed with me. He starts kissing me on the head and telling me "waked up mommmmma, its sunshiny." Today was one of those days, then soon after he comes in his brothers follow him in. So I have a bed full of children begging me to get up and enjoy the day with them. They are all in a good mood today which is good the fighting will be less. I think we will put on our roller blades, and see if mom can kill herself in a little street hockey and then we may play a game of tackle mom, which is our version of football. This is the only time I really play sports, because I just sucks at them. In a few years I won't be playing with them either, they will have their little friends take moms place in these games. Time seems to go by so fast with them. They grow and grow, and no matter how little I want them to stay it doesn't happen. There will come a day when the girls start coming around, and I will be replaced again. I don't look forward to letting go, each time I have to let one move ahead, they take a piece of me with them. I just hope they always know how much I love them, and when they are grown I still have a place in their lives.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Strange day's indeed!

Last night we decided to watch a movie, Mystic River. So I got some blankets and pillows and me and the boys spread them on the floor and we got all snuggled up. The first half hour of the movie is ok, not great, but that is as far as I made it. I feel so sound asleep in the floor cuddled up with my babies, it was nice, but the floor is not a good place for an old woman to sleep, I am just now getting the feeling back in my arm. Good thing Steve was home to put the boys to bed, but he knew better than mess with me, standard rule is when mom sleeps let her sleep! The oldest has been going to vacation bible school with his little friend from school. We are not church people so this is a knew experience for him. The other night I asked him if he liked it and he told me "yeah it's ok, but not nearly as good as hockey!" I think he is hooked on hockey! Last night Steve asked him what he was learning and he told his dad "oh about Jesus and God and all that damn crap dad!" I hope he doesn't talk that way in bible school!

oh and hey I have a new friend she is a great lady, so make her feel welcome to our world, cause I kind of pushed the whole blog thing on her! I know you all will, because that is just the kind of sweet loving people that hang out here anyway.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ok so I haven't been it a great mood lately,

Yes it is true I have been having those reflect on life and wonder why the hell I even bother blues, but last night I decided to just take life as it comes and get over it! So I put the Billie Holiday CD away, turned on some Toby Keith, "I'm just talking about tonight", and am determend to just enjoy the little things in life that make me happy, while they last. It is a good day indeed! Hope everyone else is have a good day as well.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Languid yep that is how I am, and not in a good way!

The sweat is pouring off my body, my legs are quivering, my whole body is shaking. I am finding it difficult to breath, and may pass out at any minute. Oh the joy! You people and you know who you are and all the talk of big butts and what not, has made me get out the exercise equipment! Damn you people! I my die of a heart attack, before I get into any kind of shape though, and right now I am longing for death! I did make it 2.5 miles today, was trying for 3, but that is the story of my life I never follow through with anything!

Just a little less than half!

Got this from Angie. See I am not as nice as I like you to think!

I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sad days

You know I always rely on Monkey to cheer me up. He is always on the ball with the funny stuff. When I have been sad, Monkey is there. When I am bored Monkey is there. I read his page and I laugh so hard I cry. Monkey is a very special person in my life, and I am so glad I found him. He is always leaving such wonderful comments to everyone, not just at his page, no Monkey is everywhere! So today I went over to the Monkey cage to see what was going on in his world. Well he had a sad story for me today, and I know his heart is broken. He had to put his little corgi to sleep. His post today didn't bring tears of laughter, no I cried with my friend Monkey today! I hope your day gets better my friend you are in my thoughts!

Monday, June 14, 2004

A world with sleep

I just don't have anything to write about really! I just got a good nights sleep for a change, and felt like writing something, as I am just in a good mood. I did just jab a piece of plastic toy about 2 inches into my foot, but I am trying not to let that ruin my good mood! We went to Office max yesterday, that is like turning a child loose in a candy store, I had forgotten how much stuff there is in there that I want. Ok on to the point. We saw a big bad Dodge Truck, I love dodge trucks, and there is something about a cowboy in a dodge truck that is just yummy. Well that's not where I was going this morning either, on to the point. Proudly displayed on the tail gate are these word WHY STROKE IT WHEN YOU CAN RAM IT Dodge is great and those are wise words, why would you own a ford when you can own a Dodge Ram? Now I have lost some of you huh? Ok you see Ford has the power stroke engine in their trucks, Dodge trucks are called Rams. I am just shocked that you would be thinking that could have any other meaning you people are bad. I am off to drink more coffee and daydream of Trucks and cowboys and all the good stuff in life!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Oh the music

I love music. There is always music playing in my house, the boys love to sing and dance. They don't really know that some people don't do that all the time. Music can heal your soul, it is comforting, it is always there for you. I was talking to a friend of mine today about how there are those certain songs that you can see yourself in, you know those one you go that is so much me. I think my song has always been Rock Me by steppenwolf. I love steppenwolf, I have not listened to them in quite awhile, so tonight I drug out my cassettes. I found my treasured tape. I would have to say it still fits me. I have spent so much of my life searching and I don't even know what I am looking for, and I do need an answer to my confusion, and all I get is something like this....


She asked me maybe
I would share her sorrow
About the men that tried to treat her wrong

Though just a baby
A waiting her tomorrow
It's rock me baby, rock me baby
All night long

She needs an answer to her confusion
someone to guide her with tenderness
But if she's asking for a solution
All that she gets
You know it's something like this

Don't know where we come from
Don't know where we're going to
But if all of this should have a reason
We would be the last to know

So let's just hope there is a promised land
Hang on till then as best you can
Everybody's ills you know it

Fills her with compassion
That's why she tries
To save the world alone

She helps the needy in her own fashion
And tries to give them all her own
Rock me baby, rock me baby
All night long

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Here are pictures that won't hurt your eyes!

Unlike the ones I posted earlier, these are much much cuter. I finally decided to share my babies with the world. It scared me to do this, you don't know what kind of weirdos are out there, but I thought if Derek and Collin are not afraid someone is going to start stalking them in all their cuteness I shouldn't fear putting the boys here!
Look out their on the loose!  Posted by Hello
Oh yeah he is so cool! This is my little hockey player! That is his brother, who is going to play one day I am sure! Dad is the only one who doesn't share my love for hockey! Posted by Hello
My boys with there Aunt! My sister is single by the way!  Posted by Hello

Friday, June 11, 2004

Collin has made more promises!

Yes that is right promises promises! He says that if 7 people will play the story game he will do it over the whole weekend, but like most promises made by men there is a catch! You must go to the forum and tell Collin you will play his little games! You see you go click on the GAMES OPEN TO EVERYONE, then see those words that say story telling game 3, yeah those, click there and go beg Collin to let us have the whole weekend! I need the whole weekend people, I am sleep deprived and dangerous! I don't like to beg, but I am going to please, please, please, with sugar and a cherry on top! Here this will be easier just click hereyeah right here. Now go to the bottom post there you go! Now click reply and type "Collin I will play your games!" and then Collin, who we all love so much, just threw that in because of the man bashing at the beginning, will post the new words! YEAH! Really I do need the whole weekend! Please play!

and would someone please teach me to spell Promises! For the life of me this just doesn't look right, and the spell check skips right over it! I am giving up for the night and going to bed! I need more sleep!

Time for a new post!

My baby just told me I was a genius! I have no idea why he said that to me, but hey I am not going to let him take it back. The time when he thinks I am anything but a genius will be here before to long, and I will treasure the fact that there was one time in his life I was the smartest person in his world!

Now I just have to come up with more stuff and soon the pictures will be a thing of the past!

Take you pick they are all me!

The only thing that has changed much, the size of my butt! Oh god, now I have to get out the flipping exersize equipment! Ok now will you people quit nagging me, yeah you know how you are! Now go do some work or something! Oh and yeah after I figured out the hello thing it wasn't really as hard as I tried to make it!

Don't look I have no makeup on, but isn't that baby just to cute. Posted by Hello

This one is the newest picture I have of me, but really I look just like that now too.

I don't always wear leather, in fact since an ex hocked it, well I don't even what to talk about it Posted by Hello

OH yeah I was cool alright! Just look at my leather! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hockey is expensive!

Never let your children play hockey! It is freaking expensive! I have shelled out over $300 bucks already with skates, pads, helmets, gloves, pants, dues, and camp! Now another Camp is coming, but this is a really good camp.Robby Glantz he does a great power skating camp. He also teaches power skating to the pros ohhhhh! It is another $125! I think I may go broke, or worse have to start selling my body for hockey money! I can't crush his dreams, he really wants to go to Planet hockey next summer, and that is way to expensive, but it looks so fun even I wanted to go. They have white water rafting and mountain biking and all that. I suppose I could get an extra phone line and set up a call girl service, or maybe I will just pimp Steve out I could probable make a quick buck there. OH the things I will do to see my children happy, just hope Steve is willing!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

No I am just reduced to blogging.

I don't know what is up with my messengers! I can't get in to either of them! I can't get to the forum, and I can't get to other blogs now. So this is all I can do! It updated itself and after it restarted everything went to hell! Oh well Steve is home tonight, and I may go to bed early, and let him deal with the children! Oh never mind I just figured it out! After it wouldn't let me post this! I must have bumped into my cable box! Oh god the panic I felt was unreal, is the sick?

Ever have one of those days?

I am lacking the adventure that use to be in my life. I think it is the fact that summer is here, and I want to play in the sun. I use to be such a fun person, and now I seem to have no life. I want that fun person back again and she is so lost. I use to have the ability to make everyone laugh, and have a good time. I use to want to be the life of every party, and it was my goal to make sure everyone around me was happy. I think I need to find that person again, and I don't know where to start.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Frolic in the fun!

Collin is at it again, and not only has he let us play games on his blog he has devoted a whole forum to playing games and having fun!Fun and games for all so please come and join us. I think Heather is avoiding us now though! She won the last round, she has a title to protect, and she is in hiding now? Heather come out and play with us!

speaking of fun I thought I would share this with you all.

Monday, June 07, 2004

One of these days,

My boys are all going to end up getting kidnapped. They don't know what the word stranger means. We went to walmart tonight, and my oldest he asked everyone we go by, "What is your name" then if they tell him, which most everyone does, he strikes up a conversation with them.
"Hi Shelley how old are you? I am five almost six."
" I am 28, boy almost 6 huh, are you going to get toys for your birthday?"
"No my mom won't get me any toys anymore, because I break to much stuff." and I get a weird look for the girl he is talking to.
"That is not really true, sweetie, tell the nice girl what your getting this year for your birthday." Lieing through my teeth, because he knows it is true, he has a habit of smashing stuff with a bat or a stick when he is done playing with it. So this year I told him no toys, he could have hockey camp or something like that, but no toys. He wanted hockey camp anyway so it wasn't really good punishment.
"Mom is getting me hockey camp this year, and maybe some clothes." He tells her.
"Oh you like to play hockey."
"Yes I play hockey, I am going to play for money one day, you don't have to have a job if your a hockey player."
He tells her as I am dragging him away saying "Come on let's let this nice girl finish her shopping."
"BYE SHELLEY" he screams as I am pulling him away.
This same conversation repeated throughtout the store, it varied to some degree, but was basically the same. He told some people that our dog was diabetic and others he showed my new bra too. I don't think he missed many people through the store. It is always an experience shopping with my kids. The baby tried to steal a tiny baby in a stroller, her mom was looking at something and I looked down and there was my 3 year old pushing a stroller with a strangers baby. "Can we have it mom?" he says to me. Luckily the lady thought it was pretty funny as I explained that the baby was not for sale, then he looked at her mom and said "Can I kiss it?" She said that would be fine, and he gave her a sweet little kiss on the cheek. "Oh it is so soft can you get me one mom?" I told him that he was the last baby I was getting! He was ok with that. The middle one was pretty quiet this trip, but he usually is my quiet one, so I keep a close eye on him!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

This is why men should not wear women's clothes.

Yesterday after the track meet we went and had lunch, and as we were leaving we witnessed the oddest couple, a lady with a guide dog, a boy, and a man. The woman and the boy were pretty normal, and then the man gets out of the mini van. I looked at him, looked at my mom, and looked back at the man. Now I have nothing against men wearing women's clothes, I have seen a lot of cross dressing gay men. A lot of them look better than some women I know. I do have to say leave the cross dressing to the gay men, they have style, they look good, they put a lot of time into the look. These cross dressing straight men have none of that, there is no style, no grace. This man had a black AC/DC tee shirt, a full black skirt, with the ruffled slip that stopped just above his knees, heavy white socks that stopped about mid calf, exposing some really white hairy legs, and work boots. He was not pulling off a good look. I just have to say it was apparent why the woman had the guide dog, she was blind as a bat, because she couldn't know how bad he look and still be going out in public with him. I felt so sorry for the little boy though, he has to see his father looking this bad. Now some of you might think I am against cross dresser, but that is just not true. If Steve wanted to put on a dress and parade around for the world to see, I would say fine go ahead. I would get him a nice dress something he looked good in, I would help him pick out some pantyhose, and some matching pumps, and even a lovely purse to go along with the ensemble. I would help him apply his makeup, and when we went somewhere he would look good. I would never allow him to go out of the house looking like that guy did. I am just thankful I don't have to help Steve try to pull off wearing dresses, he likes them just fine on women.

Friday, June 04, 2004

School is out!

We had our last day of school yesterday. We went to the high school and had track day. It was way to hot out for them to have to run. Kids don't seem to notice the heat though, except for my baby. He told me "les det in da shade, I'n hot, you hot ma? I'n hot. You hot dranny? I'n hot" Well there was no shade for him to get in we were in the middle of a football field. He would ask everyone that went by if they were hot, "you hot? mom dat duy hot too." It was pretty funny, cause we were all hot, and I felt about the same way he did, lets find some shade.
My oldest was funny, he was in the first race, and he didn't really understand it was a race, because when it was over he says to me, "mom I got this" and hands me his 3rd place ribbon, "what's it for?" I told him it was for coming in 3rd in the race. He then says "I wasn't in a race mom." So I had to explain to him that when they were all running that was a race. He then informs me "I know what a race is mom, but we were just getting some exercise not racing." I guess they didn't explain track to the kids before they had track day. It really doesn't matter to 5 and 6 year olds if they win or lose that is what is so great about kids. The only thing they care about is if they had a good time. To bad adults don't have the same attitude, wouldn't it make life a whole lot easier if we did.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

What I did today

Well you all may not know this about me, but I am forgetful. I would forget my own birthday if there were not people around to remind me, a reminder I don't usually want mind you. I forgot to pay the house taxes, so I had to run down and pay them today. Well on the way to the car I notice that my tags are expired on the car, so as I am loading the boys into car, same one with the expired tags, a city truck pulls up. I am thinking oh shit he is here to tell me that I didn't pay my house taxes. He walks up to me, and I smile getting ready to tell him "yeah I know I am on my way to pay them now." Well he says "Just here to let you know your late with your water bill." I just smile thank him and tell him I will go down and pay it right now. I swear if I had a brain I would be lethal. So I run down and pay the water bill, then run across the street and pay the taxes, from there I made my way down the stairs to pick up my tags. I forgot to put the tags on the car and drove around all day with expired tags, thankfully the cops here don't pay much attention to that kind of thing, because I saw a few and never got pulled over. I went out tonight and put them on. I wonder what else I forgot to do, but the nice thing about being forgetful, is that you really don't worry about it, because you don't ever remember you forgot.

Come play with us!

Collin lets us play games on his blog! Really he does. Everyone should come check it out and leave a story. The deal is he picks 5 words and you have to write a story in the comment section then everyone votes on the ones they like best. It is fun! Come on you know you want to! That is Collin's blog. stop by and play.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Never go shopping with a man.

Most men believe women like to shop, that it is something we enjoy doing. I can't speak for all women, but I hate it. I like to go to the store get what I need and get the hell out. I have no desire to look at prices and brands and bargain hunt. I personally find it a waste of time and energy. My husbands, on the other hand, likes the thought of saving a few pennies on any item, so shopping with him is never what you would call a joyous thing to do. This weekend he decided we should build a shed in the back yard to keep the new lawn mower, and a few other things in. I still am not sure what made me agree to this idea, the moment "hardware store" was mentioned I should have given up the thought of ever having a shed. We started off at one lumber yard, Steve decided we should price lumber at other store before we bought anything. So I fumbled thought my purse, retrieved a pen and paper and proceeded to write down 4x2x8 $2.65, 4x2x10 $3.95, and so on. After doing this in 3 different stores, and finding the price of lumber is generally the same in all of them, I think to myself, my way of shopping is so much more efficient. We wasted a whole day loading kids in the truck driving to store after store only to write down the same thing plus or minus a few pennies. We have all the prices down and Steve compares them so he can get the very best deal. He will get 2x4x8's at this store, because they are 3 cents cheaper so he saves a total of 25 cents there, and this he will get here and that he will get over at that place and so on saving a total of about $15. Well he spent so much time figuring out where he was going to buy what, that when it came time to actually buy the stuff, the stores were closing, because it was a holiday. I would have stopped at the first store bought my supplies, came home and built a freaking shed oh sure I would have throw away that $15, but I would have a shed now.