Monday, June 07, 2004

One of these days,

My boys are all going to end up getting kidnapped. They don't know what the word stranger means. We went to walmart tonight, and my oldest he asked everyone we go by, "What is your name" then if they tell him, which most everyone does, he strikes up a conversation with them.
"Hi Shelley how old are you? I am five almost six."
" I am 28, boy almost 6 huh, are you going to get toys for your birthday?"
"No my mom won't get me any toys anymore, because I break to much stuff." and I get a weird look for the girl he is talking to.
"That is not really true, sweetie, tell the nice girl what your getting this year for your birthday." Lieing through my teeth, because he knows it is true, he has a habit of smashing stuff with a bat or a stick when he is done playing with it. So this year I told him no toys, he could have hockey camp or something like that, but no toys. He wanted hockey camp anyway so it wasn't really good punishment.
"Mom is getting me hockey camp this year, and maybe some clothes." He tells her.
"Oh you like to play hockey."
"Yes I play hockey, I am going to play for money one day, you don't have to have a job if your a hockey player."
He tells her as I am dragging him away saying "Come on let's let this nice girl finish her shopping."
"BYE SHELLEY" he screams as I am pulling him away.
This same conversation repeated throughtout the store, it varied to some degree, but was basically the same. He told some people that our dog was diabetic and others he showed my new bra too. I don't think he missed many people through the store. It is always an experience shopping with my kids. The baby tried to steal a tiny baby in a stroller, her mom was looking at something and I looked down and there was my 3 year old pushing a stroller with a strangers baby. "Can we have it mom?" he says to me. Luckily the lady thought it was pretty funny as I explained that the baby was not for sale, then he looked at her mom and said "Can I kiss it?" She said that would be fine, and he gave her a sweet little kiss on the cheek. "Oh it is so soft can you get me one mom?" I told him that he was the last baby I was getting! He was ok with that. The middle one was pretty quiet this trip, but he usually is my quiet one, so I keep a close eye on him!

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