Saturday, June 05, 2004

This is why men should not wear women's clothes.

Yesterday after the track meet we went and had lunch, and as we were leaving we witnessed the oddest couple, a lady with a guide dog, a boy, and a man. The woman and the boy were pretty normal, and then the man gets out of the mini van. I looked at him, looked at my mom, and looked back at the man. Now I have nothing against men wearing women's clothes, I have seen a lot of cross dressing gay men. A lot of them look better than some women I know. I do have to say leave the cross dressing to the gay men, they have style, they look good, they put a lot of time into the look. These cross dressing straight men have none of that, there is no style, no grace. This man had a black AC/DC tee shirt, a full black skirt, with the ruffled slip that stopped just above his knees, heavy white socks that stopped about mid calf, exposing some really white hairy legs, and work boots. He was not pulling off a good look. I just have to say it was apparent why the woman had the guide dog, she was blind as a bat, because she couldn't know how bad he look and still be going out in public with him. I felt so sorry for the little boy though, he has to see his father looking this bad. Now some of you might think I am against cross dresser, but that is just not true. If Steve wanted to put on a dress and parade around for the world to see, I would say fine go ahead. I would get him a nice dress something he looked good in, I would help him pick out some pantyhose, and some matching pumps, and even a lovely purse to go along with the ensemble. I would help him apply his makeup, and when we went somewhere he would look good. I would never allow him to go out of the house looking like that guy did. I am just thankful I don't have to help Steve try to pull off wearing dresses, he likes them just fine on women.

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