Monday, June 28, 2004

Mud what a mess.

Yeah they make a big mud hole in the back yard, and then proceeded to swim in it. They are quick, and I knew they were up to something it was way to quiet out there, and I was running. So I got off the treadmill went to check it out, and I started to yell. I almost screamed and hollered about what a mess it was, for a moment I was mad. Then I remembered a little girl we all know, Savannah, and I shut up and I got the camera and took pictures of them, and I wadded in the mud with them, and I stomped and splashed water with them, and I hugged them and we were all covered in mud. I feel so blessed to have them, and so guilty that mine are all healthy, while little Savannah isn't. Then I got to thinking how short life is, and yeah I have them now, but what about tomorrow anything could happen tomorrow. I think I will spend more time splashing in the mud, and less time being mad about the mess!

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