Wednesday, June 02, 2004

What I did today

Well you all may not know this about me, but I am forgetful. I would forget my own birthday if there were not people around to remind me, a reminder I don't usually want mind you. I forgot to pay the house taxes, so I had to run down and pay them today. Well on the way to the car I notice that my tags are expired on the car, so as I am loading the boys into car, same one with the expired tags, a city truck pulls up. I am thinking oh shit he is here to tell me that I didn't pay my house taxes. He walks up to me, and I smile getting ready to tell him "yeah I know I am on my way to pay them now." Well he says "Just here to let you know your late with your water bill." I just smile thank him and tell him I will go down and pay it right now. I swear if I had a brain I would be lethal. So I run down and pay the water bill, then run across the street and pay the taxes, from there I made my way down the stairs to pick up my tags. I forgot to put the tags on the car and drove around all day with expired tags, thankfully the cops here don't pay much attention to that kind of thing, because I saw a few and never got pulled over. I went out tonight and put them on. I wonder what else I forgot to do, but the nice thing about being forgetful, is that you really don't worry about it, because you don't ever remember you forgot.

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