Friday, June 25, 2004

I am as graceful as a swan!

We had our trip to walmart yesterday. We were all getting along fairly well, which mean the boys were actually being good. The middle one decided he was going to help push the basket, so he stood inbetween me and the cart. I hate shoes, always have so I were those cork shoes, and we are walking along and I trip over the middle one, get my little toe stuck on his shoe, he takes a step sideways and my little toe goes with him, so I jerk my foot back and slam it into the wheel of the cart. That all happened in about 2 seconds. I think the toe is broken, it is black and purple all the way up my foot, anyway the point of my tragic little tale, my sweet middle child is so full of caring and love, looks at me and say "if you had shoe on that would of never happened mom." I told him I did have shoes on, he says "not those damn things mom, real shoes that cover your feet." I was laughing so hard through my tears of pain. This child told me the same thing my father has told me all my life, "put some shoes on" daddy always says. I guess that is good he is looking out for me, someone has to, and for 4 he is wise beyond his years!

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