Friday, June 18, 2004

Strange day's indeed!

Last night we decided to watch a movie, Mystic River. So I got some blankets and pillows and me and the boys spread them on the floor and we got all snuggled up. The first half hour of the movie is ok, not great, but that is as far as I made it. I feel so sound asleep in the floor cuddled up with my babies, it was nice, but the floor is not a good place for an old woman to sleep, I am just now getting the feeling back in my arm. Good thing Steve was home to put the boys to bed, but he knew better than mess with me, standard rule is when mom sleeps let her sleep! The oldest has been going to vacation bible school with his little friend from school. We are not church people so this is a knew experience for him. The other night I asked him if he liked it and he told me "yeah it's ok, but not nearly as good as hockey!" I think he is hooked on hockey! Last night Steve asked him what he was learning and he told his dad "oh about Jesus and God and all that damn crap dad!" I hope he doesn't talk that way in bible school!

oh and hey I have a new friend she is a great lady, so make her feel welcome to our world, cause I kind of pushed the whole blog thing on her! I know you all will, because that is just the kind of sweet loving people that hang out here anyway.

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