Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Love is a game, relationships are work.

Oh how sweet it is when you fall in love. When you fall in love everything is so new and so good. You long to spend every waking moment together, just gazing at one another. The sky is beautiful, the trees are beautiful, hell everything is beautiful. Jack and his romantic little tail of young love got me thinking about it. "In love", just saying it makes me float. I remember the days when I was "in love" I was always in love, with someone though, but I digress. The first year is the best, you have everything in common, even if you hate it you will say you love it just because the person your in love with likes it. You compromises, you don't want to piss each other off, cause your in love. Then if your lucky enough to work through the next year, you start thinking, what the hell am I doing? You don't have as much in common as you thought, and now your not afraid to say you don't like it. Compromise oh sure there is still compromise, but it is not as easy as it once was and it's now call argument. The time rolls on, and you don't really want to spend every waking moment with this person anymore, but you still love each other, you just not in love anymore. So you go from day to day wondering why the hell you got yourself into such a place in life. Wondering if you would be happier without this person in your life, wondering about true love.
The ones that know the difference between true love and in love, they are the ones that make it work. They are the ones that understand everyday is not full of romance and beautiful skies. They know the one they love is going to piss them off, but they know the same goes both ways. The people in life that have found true lasting love know it takes work, hard work to keep a relationship together. They have a common goal of making it work. I think a lot of times the in love people rush into things without understanding how much work is involved in a relationship. There is so much give and take, and knowing when to say things and when to shut up, paying the bills, taking care of life. It all gets in the way of romance and nothing is new anymore. Yeah relationships are work. I sometimes long for those days of being in love. Oh they were so easy and carefree and wonderful, not all this work trying to keep everything running smooth. Yeah sometimes in love would be nice. To bad life is not like that all the time. In another life I think that is what I will do, fall in love and when that one ends I will just find someone else and do it all again, yep in other life.

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