Saturday, June 19, 2004

Wake up momma it's sunshiny.

I love it when the boys wake up before I do. The baby always comes in and crawls in bed with me. He starts kissing me on the head and telling me "waked up mommmmma, its sunshiny." Today was one of those days, then soon after he comes in his brothers follow him in. So I have a bed full of children begging me to get up and enjoy the day with them. They are all in a good mood today which is good the fighting will be less. I think we will put on our roller blades, and see if mom can kill herself in a little street hockey and then we may play a game of tackle mom, which is our version of football. This is the only time I really play sports, because I just sucks at them. In a few years I won't be playing with them either, they will have their little friends take moms place in these games. Time seems to go by so fast with them. They grow and grow, and no matter how little I want them to stay it doesn't happen. There will come a day when the girls start coming around, and I will be replaced again. I don't look forward to letting go, each time I have to let one move ahead, they take a piece of me with them. I just hope they always know how much I love them, and when they are grown I still have a place in their lives.

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