Monday, June 21, 2004

Hockey tape baby, hockey tape.

Ok I will share a secret with you all. Shhh don't tell though, you have to promise! Everyone knows duct tape and wd40 can fix anything around the house. So here is something that works in my house. Hockey tape, we have lots of it laying around, might be the fact that the boys love hockey so much. I am glad they do, or I would have never found this wonderful invention! The other day we ran out of bandages, well anyone with small children knows bandages make everything better. So in a panic I searched for something to replace it, and found, yep you guessed it the hockey tape. Now every time they get an owwie they ask me to tape them up. Oh the joy of hockey, and it has so many practical uses! So go now to your nearest sporting good store and get you some hockey tape, it works on so many levels.

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