Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hockey is expensive!

Never let your children play hockey! It is freaking expensive! I have shelled out over $300 bucks already with skates, pads, helmets, gloves, pants, dues, and camp! Now another Camp is coming, but this is a really good camp.Robby Glantz he does a great power skating camp. He also teaches power skating to the pros ohhhhh! It is another $125! I think I may go broke, or worse have to start selling my body for hockey money! I can't crush his dreams, he really wants to go to Planet hockey next summer, and that is way to expensive, but it looks so fun even I wanted to go. They have white water rafting and mountain biking and all that. I suppose I could get an extra phone line and set up a call girl service, or maybe I will just pimp Steve out I could probable make a quick buck there. OH the things I will do to see my children happy, just hope Steve is willing!

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