Friday, June 04, 2004

School is out!

We had our last day of school yesterday. We went to the high school and had track day. It was way to hot out for them to have to run. Kids don't seem to notice the heat though, except for my baby. He told me "les det in da shade, I'n hot, you hot ma? I'n hot. You hot dranny? I'n hot" Well there was no shade for him to get in we were in the middle of a football field. He would ask everyone that went by if they were hot, "you hot? mom dat duy hot too." It was pretty funny, cause we were all hot, and I felt about the same way he did, lets find some shade.
My oldest was funny, he was in the first race, and he didn't really understand it was a race, because when it was over he says to me, "mom I got this" and hands me his 3rd place ribbon, "what's it for?" I told him it was for coming in 3rd in the race. He then says "I wasn't in a race mom." So I had to explain to him that when they were all running that was a race. He then informs me "I know what a race is mom, but we were just getting some exercise not racing." I guess they didn't explain track to the kids before they had track day. It really doesn't matter to 5 and 6 year olds if they win or lose that is what is so great about kids. The only thing they care about is if they had a good time. To bad adults don't have the same attitude, wouldn't it make life a whole lot easier if we did.

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