Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Never go shopping with a man.

Most men believe women like to shop, that it is something we enjoy doing. I can't speak for all women, but I hate it. I like to go to the store get what I need and get the hell out. I have no desire to look at prices and brands and bargain hunt. I personally find it a waste of time and energy. My husbands, on the other hand, likes the thought of saving a few pennies on any item, so shopping with him is never what you would call a joyous thing to do. This weekend he decided we should build a shed in the back yard to keep the new lawn mower, and a few other things in. I still am not sure what made me agree to this idea, the moment "hardware store" was mentioned I should have given up the thought of ever having a shed. We started off at one lumber yard, Steve decided we should price lumber at other store before we bought anything. So I fumbled thought my purse, retrieved a pen and paper and proceeded to write down 4x2x8 $2.65, 4x2x10 $3.95, and so on. After doing this in 3 different stores, and finding the price of lumber is generally the same in all of them, I think to myself, my way of shopping is so much more efficient. We wasted a whole day loading kids in the truck driving to store after store only to write down the same thing plus or minus a few pennies. We have all the prices down and Steve compares them so he can get the very best deal. He will get 2x4x8's at this store, because they are 3 cents cheaper so he saves a total of 25 cents there, and this he will get here and that he will get over at that place and so on saving a total of about $15. Well he spent so much time figuring out where he was going to buy what, that when it came time to actually buy the stuff, the stores were closing, because it was a holiday. I would have stopped at the first store bought my supplies, came home and built a freaking shed oh sure I would have throw away that $15, but I would have a shed now.

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