Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jenn's very own quiz

The Relationship quiz

1. I am going to go see my grandparents, who live 6 hours away. You...?
A. Tell me to have a good time and you will see me when I get home.
B. Pout and throw a fit.
C. Make any excuse you can find to keep me from going ie. We canÂ’t afford it, the car might break down ect.

2. You drink...
A. To get drunk and you do it often.
B. When your having a good time and never so much that you can't stand up.
C. Once in awhile, but only if your not driving

3. You want a little sex, and I am tired. You...
A. Turn over and pout all night.
B. Storm out of bed and go through all my files on the computer, because I must have a boyfriend.
C. Understand and hope for the best tomorrow morning.

4. Tomorrow morning rolls around you...
A. Sweetly wake me up doing all those things you know are going to turn me on.
B. Nudge me and say "you wanna fool around?"
C. Take advantage of the fact that I am still mostly asleep and just go for it.

5. You sister and I have had a falling out. You...
A. Tell me I am childish because I don't want to spend time with someone who says I am a bitch and a bad mother.
B. Stay neutral it's not your battle.
C. Get sad because I "hate" your whole family.

6. I am chatting online with one of my girlfriends. You...
A. Do your own thing until I am done.
B. Keep asking me who I am talking to and keep walking over to look over my shoulder to see what we are saying.
C. Get mad and drink more beer.

7. We are sitting watching a movie I want to see, but your not really that interested in. You...
A. Sit quietly and watch with me, it might surprise you and be good.
B. Talk excessively through the entire movie.
C. Get on the phone and have a 2 hour long distance conversation 2 feet from me so I can't hear the movie.

8. It's a quiet night at home and you are watching TV. I am sitting at the computer writing. You are...
A. Glad I have something I enjoy doing.
B. Annoyed at the fact that I am not paying attention to you.
C. Thinking of the best way to get me into bed.

9. I need half an hour of quiet alone time. You are...
A. All for giving me some space.
B. Angry that I don't want to spend every free second with you.
C. Take the opportunityy to do something you enjoy.

10. Sex is
A. Always the same.
B. Fun and spontaneouss.
C. A little on the freaky deakey side.

Just some of the questions I should have asked before I made a commitmentt.

Sandman where are you?

Sleep is my elusive mistress, she stands there teasing me and taunting me like a wanton whore, but never getting close enough for me to touch. Just when I think I have seduced her into my bed she jumps up and runs from me so I have to chase her. I stumble around blinded from her beauty, but never knowing the sweet taste of her lips.

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