Friday, July 15, 2005

8 seconds

It is fair and rodeo week, and with all the work going on around our house I didn't think we would get a chance to go this year. The boys were really disappointed when I told them we probably wouldn't make it this year, especially David, but he didn't whine or pout he cowboyed up and accepted the fact that he wouldn't get to ride that mechanical bull like he has talked about since last year. Last night I got them all showered and dressed and David put his boots on his little feet and it was off to the rodeo.

We arrived early so that we could touch every animal within a 20 mile radius, because the fair just isn't the fair unless my eyes swell darn near shut from algeries. Our first stop was the petting farm. They had goats, llamas, chickens, ducks, sheep, cows, pigs, but my very favorite was a little brauma bull. I say little cause it wasn't very old, but it was still huge compared to every other animal in there. He was so cute though. He followed me around licking me with his giraffe like tongue my arm was slobbered up from the elbow to the tips of my fingers and then he would rub his head against my leg, and ram into me if I tried to pet anyone else. I really wanted to bring him home with me, but I don't think I could pass him off as a large dog and city laws don't allow keeping a bull in your yard! The boys touched everything and Colton got to kiss a few goats and a couple of calves the calves kissed him right back. Cows are very licky animals, but they drool like mad.

Next we were off to the mechanical bull. I gave David his 5 bucks, signed the release, and off he went with the biggest smile I have even seen. He got on slipped his hand under the rope and held that little arm up in the air ready to ride. He rode for about a minute and then the guy increased the speed and he stayed with it for about 5 seconds before he got bucked off. He was still grinning from ear to ear when he jumped up, and on the way out he gave the guy a high five and told him "that was awesome dude!" the guy got a big kick out of him. David is now sure he is a real cowboy, and I wish I had the money for him to be, but horses cost to much to feed and board, and my god they are just so much work.

More rodeo adventures tomorrow. I have to go work now this stupid house sucks!

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