Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Why did I ever have kid?

I was in the kitchen this morning making breakfast so I could send these little angels off to school with a full belly, because I thought that was what a good mom did. While I am in the kitchen there is far to much silence going on in the other room. I go to investigate and sure enough, they are into everything. The oldest and the middle one were in the bathroom, making shaving cream pictures all over the walls. I am suppose to get caught up on my volunteer time at the school, and we have about 20 minutes to get everyone ready, and now they have created their master pieces in 6 inches of eye watering, choke to death on the smell shaving cream. The rich lather was all over them, the walls, the floor, the mirrors, and the ceiling. I suppose it could have been worse being that they had only been alone for about 3 minutes, just think what they could have done in a whole 5 minutes. Needless to say I did not even go to school to get some time in, so the middle one will probably not get to go next year, but that is ok, because I am shipping him off to live with his granny and his brother to live with his aunt. I can call and check up on them when I feel like it, and maybe just maybe I will go and visit them once a year.

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