Tuesday, May 18, 2004


The other night all the kids were in bed sleeping, and Steve and I went to bed at the same time, and well one thing lead to another, and we did what married people really don't do that often. I would be more specific, but you never know who is reading. We were close and cuddly and all of a sudden we here, "DAD, DAD...DAD..DAD," coming from the room across the hall.
"What?" Steve responds.
"Dad, would wake mom up I think she is having a bad dream."
I started laughing so hard I was snorting, and Steve was laughing trying to tell the oldest he would do his best to keep me quiet.
I didn't even know I was being loud, but I guess I have always been loud at least that is what Steve says. Next time I will put a pillow over my head.

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