Sunday, May 23, 2004

Playing caught up.

Well I figured out the computer problems and they are now fixed. It all had to do with the earlier crash.

We had a good weekend around here. The oldest had a kindergarten sleep over. He has never slept over anywhere, because his mother is a nut job who is sure he will get lost or worse if I let him out of my site for that long. So Friday I take him to the school where they are all staying. He hugs me, and I sadly ask, "Are you going to walk me to the door?" He looks at me like I have lost my mind, and points to the door saying "It's right there." There was no goodbyes or see you in the morning just hit the road mom I have things to do.

The middle one was broken hearted because he didn't get to go to the sleep over, so he had to go spend the weekend with his granny. Grandpa had to work nights so him and granny had their sleep over. He would move in with her if she would let him. He gets on the phone with me and tells me, " I am not coming home until 10 and 100 days." He is funny like that it is never 110 or 125 he separates them. He told his granny he has 2 aunt Jo's one that lives far away and one that lives in the phone, and if she would just drive him to aunt Jo's house she wouldn't have to live in the phone anymore.

The baby had a sleep over with me and Steve. He kept telling me he just "missed his guys". I got him some chocolate cake and that make him happy. Then he told his dad to just sleep in his room, because "me and mom are having a sleep over." We finally talked him into letting dad come to the sleep over too.

The oldest got home from his sleep over and we had to watch Miracle 3 times Saturday. It is a great movie, so I wasn't really tired of it at that point. Then we met mom half way between her house, which is about 90 mile from here, and picked up the middle one. When we got home we watched Miracle again twice, so now I am a little tired of it.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Oh Saturday was our anniversary, and Steve got me a new lawn mower, what a guy!

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