Thursday, May 20, 2004

Drizzle, Drizzle

The rain is falling in buckets, I am out of cigarettes, and Steve is gone.

I do enjoy the rain it makes everything so green, but it also means the boys are inside. It gets hard to entertain them when they are inside all the time. There are only so many things you can do inside when your a boy, who requires lots of space to run free. They tend to get like caged animals after a few hours, Pacing and snapping at everyone who walks by. Steve is gone today, not sure when he will be back. I needed a break from him. He has been home to much lately and is getting on my nerves. It is probably a good thing he works out of town a lot, because after about a week I start inventing ways to make him suffer because he is breathing my air. It isn't Steve I really have a problem with, I love him very much. It is men in general, they are annoying when you have to spend time with them day in and day out. Steve annoys me less then a lot of the ones from my past though so I guess that is why I married him. I shouldn't say mean things about him, he is wonderful really, and treats me like I am a princess. I am just hard to please I guess. I suppose that old saying husbands should be seen and not heard applies to me, oh that is kids huh.

Oh my back is feeling a lot better today. I laid on frozen peas all day yesterday, yes I said peas as in the veggies that come in pods. We keep them in the freezer in place of ice packs because they work so much better. Thanks to all for your well wishes.

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