Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

After debating long and hard all day on the demise of our country with Scott, who I would link to, but for some ungodly reason he doesn't post a homepage. Doesn't everyone have a homepage? I decided I needed to go outside and play with the boys. We went on a bug collecting spree. You can find the strangest things living in your back yard. I bet we have 100 centipedes out there, and they are huge. We found rollie pollies, there Justin, and stink bugs, and all kinds of interesting stuff for small boys. Thank god we didn't find any tree beetles, as I am terrified of them. That is strange I collected centipedes in a jar, they bite, and I am frightened of a beetle that doesn't bite. I am thinking we will go down by the river and get us some frogs the boys would love them, and maybe I can find the baby an Alice (snake) to look at, they should be coming out soon. Spring is always such a wonderful time, everything living come out in spring, especially if you know where to look.

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