Friday, May 21, 2004

So much for a night by myself.

Well Steve showed up about 10 last night. I can't get a moments peace, sometimes I think I need an apartment so I could just go there and be with me, because lets face it I don't like anyone nearly as much as I like myself.

I got my oldest all signed up for his hockey camp. He loves hockey, and the season ended in April for him. He told me the other night, "Mom I just miss playing hockey so much." He is getting hockey camp for his birthday. I told him it was that or toys, you know the child loves hockey when he picks it over toys. He asked me for his very own hockey rink so he can play everyday. I wish I could build him his own rink. I told him if I win the Power ball I will build him a rink, so now I have to let him check the numbers after every draw. He is sure we will one day have the winner and he can have his rink.
Him and I were talking the other day about what he wants to be when he grows up. He told me he is going to play hockey. Then he asked me if they make good money. I told him they did. "Oh man that is so cool, they will give me money to play hockey, and I don't even have to get a job. I bet that I can get on the avs team when I am like 10." So there goes my dream of him going to college, he has dreams of becoming the youngest professional hockey player in the history of the sport.

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