Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Oh no more politics.

I got asked in my comments if I were for Bush for President. I now feel obligated to explain my position on both canadiates, so everyone that is not interested tune out now, this could be a long speil.

John Kerry was a Vietnam Vet, as was my father. When John Kerry returned from the war, he held what he title the winter soldier investigation. He interviewed 150 returning vets, all honorable discharged. In his investigation he claimed that our Americans were over there raping and torturing people, that is was an everyday occurrence, and pretty much every soldier was involved. He protested the war, and spit in the face of every American soldier who, by choice or not, fought in that war. He staged a protest in which soldiers threw there war metals away, and yet his still hang in his office. I could go on, but you get the picture. Basically if I trust in Kerry then I have to believe the worst about my father. I have to believe he was raping women, killing babies, and committing horrible acts of violence against the people he was there to protect. I am not saying bad things didn't happen, look at what is happening on the news right now with the Iraqi prisoners and American soldiers. It was war, and bad things happen. I am not condoning the fact that they happened because it was a war, it shouldn't have happened. What I am saying is that they were not an everyday occurrence, and not every soldier was involved. If Kerry's investigation had evidence to back it up, there was none, I may feel differently. Then in 1996, he covered up the fact that there were still living POW's in Vietnam. He did this so he could use those very men he severed with as pawns. He may need them in the future, so lets not uncover that fact that they exist, or there goes our bargaining chips. I believe that like most politicians he is in it to farther his means. In order for me to support Kerry for President, then I have to abandon ever patriotic view of America I have. I have to give up my ideals and morals. I believe that America should stand behind the men and women who protect and serve, and Kerry betrayed his fellow soldiers countless times. Do you want a president who is going to betray you?

Bush. What can I say about Bush. At least I know he is going to screw things up more. He has totally messed up the education system, the budget is never going to be balanced, and I could go on, but any educated American knows what he is about. I don't think he was wrong to kick ass on Iraq, Saddam was an evil man, and he should have been stopped in the first Bush administration, but wasn't. I do think he used Iraq to appease the American public after 911, you can't tell me you didn't want a little revenge after they screwed with us. I think the whole government thought we would be happy with Iraq if we couldn't have Bin laddin, I still want that son of a bitch on a platter, but thats another blog. I do think we need to rethink our postition in Iraq now, and get our boys home. I think we should have done that long ago. I don't think Bush is a good president, but I think he may be the lesser of two evils.

Who am I voting for? I think I may use my rights to write in a vote this year. Maybe Toby Keith, I think he would get things straighten out. Don't know if he wants to be president, he may just be to honest for that job. So now you have it, I don't know how I am voting . I just know it is not Kerry, and it is not Bush.

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