Sunday, May 02, 2004

Up late.

I took a nap yesterday so I couldn't sleep last night. It probably wasn't just the nap, I am rarely able to sleep real well anyway. I was up, and decided at 11 I would go to Walmart. I don't know why, I guess Steve was home the kids were asleep, and I desperately needed some alone time. I don't do the bar scene, so that late it leaves 2 choices Wal-mart or the corner mini mart. I picked good ole walmart. I don't really enjoy the whole walmart experience, but I do enjoy their prices, the only thing I don't buy from walmart is clothes. They just don't last when you buy them there. So I go to walmart, and I can tell you some pretty strange people shop late. There was one guy who was having a conversation all by himself, I don't mean talking to himself, I don't find that strange at all, as I talk to myself all the time. He was many different people and many different voices, and I believe he was at a party. The couple that were looking at bra's were really rather funny. She would hold up something he would turn red and shake his head, all the while keeping this look on his face like how could she be doing this to me. I figure they have not been married that long, or he would be handing her the ones he liked, just to get out of there. Then there were the 2 guys who were well into their 30's having a discussion about Speed Buggy, you know the cartoon from days gone by. I found that slightly disturbing. I found a few normal people too, but mostly they were weirdo's, it was kind of fun like going to the circus, maybe I will do it again sometime.

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