Friday, April 23, 2004

I like pre school.

Steve got home and he took this morning off, so I could go spend the morning at pre school with our middle son. Pre-school, that name is a little confusing as it takes place in a school, and they are learning pretty much the same things the kindergarten class is learning. Kids are pretty interesting people, they have a whole different view on life then us adults. They just welcome you into their world like you are their big, and if you just get on their level you will learn a lot. I learned that girls fart all the time, this was from a group of 3 boys who all have sisters, so they know. I learned that their are a lot of people named mom, and there were only 2 kids that have a mom named something other than mom. I learned that cooties are still running ramped in the schools, and I had thought someone would have found a cure for them by now. I learned that school pizza is not real pizza, and you should bring you own lunch when they are serving that. Oh yeah, we also colored and painted and stuff.

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