Friday, April 23, 2004

One time at band camp,

Well I really didn't go to band camp, but I played the clarinet, until I figured out that it really didn't fit with the badass leather jacket, hoodlum image I was trying to portray, that was after the pig tails of childhood. When I was growing up my best friend was Todd. He lived down the street from me, and we did everything together. We especially like to go out and catch horny toads, and keep them in my bedroom, until my mom found them and made us take them back outside. We would name them and feed them and keep them safe from all harm. Little did we know we were their biggest harm. Todd and I often sat the tent up in his front yard, and had sleep outs, until one time he burned his eye on the lamp he had hooked up to about 3 extension cords coming out of his bedroom window. Todd was scared of the dark, and I can say I wasn't extremely excited about the prospect of something snatching me either. It was at that point our sleep outs moved into the house where we could be supervised so we wouldn't "burn down the whole neighborhood". I moved away and never saw him again. Todd and I had all kinds of great adventures, and I often wonder what happened to him. Funny how we let the things that were so important slip away. I thought about this today, because my boys are the only boys in the neighborhood, and there are 5 girls all 4 and 5 years old right around us. I doubt in today's world that if one of my boys had best friend that was a girl they would get to do all the fun stuff me and Todd did.

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