Sunday, April 18, 2004

I stand still

I was in Walmart a few weeks ago, I finished shopping and went to the checkout. I stood in line with three children who had had enough shopping, and were starting to grate on my nerves. We finially got our turn to pay for our wares, and I notice there are no checkers. The sign say self check, well ok I can check myself out no big deal right, wrong. This damn thing was a pain in the ass. You scan your item and place it in the bag. Well you have to do it slowly or you confuss the damn machine. I started off and things were going fine, so I speeded up, trying some fancy trick like scanning 2 of the same items and then placing them both in the bag at the same time. The god forsaken computer generated voice tells me the weight for this item does not match, so I have to wait for someone to verify that I am not trying to sneak things into the bag, like I am a common theif. I look around and notice they have more people working at the station for self checking then they do working the normal check lanes. While all this is going on I am yelling at 3 kids not to wander off or touch that, and to quit hitting each other. Shopping is already a big enough pain why in the world wouldn't they put self checking for 30 items or less. Here I am with this cart overflowing with junk we could probably live without anyway, and I have to do it all myself. This thing sucks, and I see a future where that is how the stores are all going to be, no workers just computer generated voices telling us the weight for that item does not match, and the robo cop shows up to hall us off to jail for placing to many items in the bag at once.

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