Monday, April 12, 2004

My date

Saturday night was a big night my kids were gone, and I got asked out on a date. I don't normally go anywhere without the kids so it was a little strange. I spend a more time than normal getting ready. I wanted to look nice for my big night out, I curled my hair, put on makeup, and got dressed up. My normal routine is throw my hair up in a pony tail, put on jeans and a tee-shirt and go, but this was a special night. I walked out of the bathroom, and Steve, the most wonderful man in the world, who also happens to be my husband and the father of my children, said to me, "you look really pretty", and he kissed me. I told him straight up that just because he was taking me out didn't mean he could take any special liberties with me I wasn't that kind of a girl. So we went to dinner. We had a nice dinner and it was nice to have just the 2 of us for a little bit. We held hands and talked and I discovered that I love this man more now than when we first got together. We finished dinner and of all things we decided to go get movies and take them home. We have the whole night to our selves and we decided to go home. I guess it must be a sign of getting old. So we got some movies and came home and sat on the couch together just us no one in the middle and watched movies until 2 am. It was a really nice night. Then we got up the next morning and went and got our boys. It was good to have them home.

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