Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The case of the missing shoe.

It was a cloudy morning, the kind that makes you want to stay in bed, and we did much longer then we should have. Everyone was fed and dressed, and getting their shoes on when I heard the voice.
"mom I can't find my shoe"
"Where did you take it off?'
"I don't know"
So we searched in the usual places, but the shoe was not there. We were going to be late, but how could we go with only one shoe. Then he tells me,
"It is over the fence." after we have spend 15 minutes looking for it.
"Over the fence, how in the world did it get over the fence?"
"I don't know."
"Did you throw it over the fence?"
"NO, it must be magic."
The shoe was found, but the mystery of how the shoe got over the fence will have to be filed under unsolved.

I will tell you a wonderful story completely made up by my 3 year old.
One day a ghost came and booed at you. BOO.

He makes up stories all the time, but that is one of my favorites. He is a funny child. He loves snakes, has no fear of them at all. We were watching sci-fi channel one day, and it had a giant snake movie on. Out of the blue he goes "Oh look it is Alice, oh she's hungry she ate that man" The towns people started shooting at it and he was very upset he kept saying "Poor Alice, Poor Alice." Then he was sad because they killed Alice in the end, after she had eaten half the town. Now he wants a pet snake, I don't think I want a pet snake, though, he may get mad at me and try to feed me to it.

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