Friday, April 30, 2004

Again with the Wal-Mart

I seem to spend all my time at walmart, what can I say I am cheap. The other day my mom came to town, and my baby loves his granny. He would move in with her if we would let him. So as it always is when mom comes to town he was her shadow. Mom had a little shopping to do, so we go to walmart. The baby had to ride in "dranny's bastet" or granny's basket as we adults would call it. We shopped and visited through the store, and the baby told granny many wonderful stories, and then he tells her, "you have elbows dranny." Not thinking anything about it she says "yes I have elbows honey." Then he reaches up and pinches her boobie and says "you have elbows." We all about feel in the floor laughing, and I am sure mom really appreciates me sharing this story with you all, but it was funny.

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