Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My confessional for today.

Well I don't have any stories today so I decided to write about some of the crazy things I like and do.
I like Dr. Hook, and listen to them often, yes I know they are a little on the disco side of life, but I don't care. I tell you this because I am listening to them at this very moment.

I actually watch Tech TV, not because I am interested in learning anything from it. No, I watch because I have a terrible crush on Patrick Norton, from the screen savers. He is just way to cute for his own good, and he is so funny. I do have to say that I have picked up a good tip here and there from the show, so my crush has actually improved my intelligence, I think.

I am not afraid to dance and sing in the middle of walmart, or anywhere for that matter. It makes my kids laugh, not because it is fun, but because I am a really bad singer and dancer.
If I don't know the words to a song I will just make up my own, sometimes my lyrics are better then the original ones.

I like collecting spiders and bugs with my boys. Spiders and snakes are not something that scare me. I am scared to death of those big green beetles that make that hissing sound, and run screaming from the room when they sneak into the house. The boys find this very amusing and are always on the hunt for one.

I actually enjoy reading Dr Suese books, and I can read them here or there, I can read them in a house, I can read them with a mouse. I do so enjoy his books Sam I am.

Speaking of singing I would love to be a lounge singer. I love that old jazz, and I always have to sing along. To bad I suck as a singer there goes another one of my dreams.

Oh yes and I would love to work for Kevin, but alas my dancing skill would prevent that also, damn another dream foiled. ( this was my lame attempt at humor in case you didn't know)

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